Multiplayer Taunts in GTA IV

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There are several taunts available from avatars in online mode in GTA IV . They can range from flirty to casual to fighting to intimidating. Taunts were disabled in TBOGT and TLAD, but avatars are still able to taunt automatically when they are hit by a car or by another player, or when they hit a car while they are driving. (e.g. 'Whiplash!')

Avatar 1&5 (Asian)

  • Casual- "Hey, what's up?" "Hello."
  • Flirty- "Woo, I like those tight buns" "Woo, look at that"
  • Intimidating- "This one is gonna be trouble"
  • Aiming- "I've got you in my sights!" "You're about to be dead!"
  • Mad- "Your mom is a whore" "Get off my case "
  • Fighting-

Avatar 2&6 (White Girl)

  • Casual- "Hey" "Hey There"
  • Flirty- "Mmm, I'd throw that in a pot and cook it! "Look at those buns of friggen steel!"
  • Intimidating- "Looks like an ass kicking waiting to happen"
  • Aiming- "Got you" "Look at the biirdiee"
  • Mad- "Bite me" "Stick it up your ass, einstein"
  • Fighting- "Your mom!" "Time to take a ride on the pain train!"
  • Driving- "This isn't San Andreas, DRIVE!"

Avatar 3&7 (Mexicana Mama)

  • Casual- "Hey, que pasa? "Whats going on?"
  • Flirty- "Woo, that's it baby, work what ya got!" "Corajo, look at that ass!
  • Intimidating- "Somebody needs to learn how to keep a low profile"
  • Aiming- "Stay right there, time to put that face out of its misery" "Gimme a smile, I'm about to put some fire up your ass!"
  • Mad- "Why don't you go fuck yourself?" "(Spanish slur)"
  • Fighting- "I'll bitch slap you into next week!" "That's IT, I'm taking your ass down" (need More)

Avatar 4&8 (Black Girl)

  • Casual- "Hey" "Hello"
  • Flirty- "Hey baby, come give mama some SUGAR!" "Mmmm, looking good honey, yessir!"
  • Intimidating- "Who's this fool lounging round here" "This fool don't think I spotted him but we gonna see"
  • Aiming- 'I spotted 'em!" "I got 'em lined up!"
  • Mad- "Your game is tired, get out my face" "Kick rocks you fucking cornball"
  • Fighting- "Imma slap the mess out your ass" "Imma slap the dog shit outta you" "You gonna make me take my earring off" "See, now you on my shit list!" 'You gonna make me lose my religion"
  • Driving- "Get your head out your ass and drive, damnit!"


  • Women can speak when aiming, but not men.
  • To get the player character to talk while driving is extremely rare but possible at the beggining of a race.
  • Women use flirty taunts when near women and use intimidating near men, which is most likely a bug.
  • If the player doesn't have any weapons while driving a car, they can taunt like they are on foot.