Murders by Niko Bellic

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There are a lot of hit missions in Grand Theft Auto IV, and Niko has accrued the greatest body-count of any GTA protagonist thus far. Here is a list of his intended targets ("collateral" murders such as those of unidentified gunmen, pedestrians, or police are not included):


Random Encounter Kills

  • Eddie Low - Murdered by Niko in self-defense (Eddie Low is a random character, so killing him or even encountering him in the first place is optional).
  • Clarence Little - Can be spared, although in a later random encounter, he must be killed anyway, unless the encounter is avoided all together.


  • Ivan Bytchkov - Niko can let him fall from the building, on Vlad's orders, or help him up.
  • Cherise Glover - Niko can shoot her in Ruff Rider, or let her live.
  • Clarence Little - Niko can kill him, on Francis McReary's orders, or let him live.
  • Alonso Gomez - Niko can kill him, or let him warn Teddy.
  • Jim Fitzgerald - Niko can kill him by shooting him off his bike or if left alone, Jim will drive into a train and blow up without Niko harming him.
  • Adam Dimayev - Niko can kill on orders of The United Liberty Paper or just leave.
  • Darko Brevic - Niko can either take revenge by shooting him multiple times, or spare him.
  • Sergei - In the Deal storyline, Sergei attempts to kill Niko, but kills Roman instead; Niko kills him in revenge.
  • James Pegorino - In the Revenge storyline, he is killed for killing Kate McReary.
  • Unnamed Jewish Mobster - Niko can kill him in the Majestic Hotel or walk away.

Kill One Or The Other