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| [[Bootsy Collins]]
| [[Bootsy Collins]]
| [[The Blue Ark|The Blue Ark]]
| [[The Blue Ark]]
| Reggae<br />Dub<br />Dancehall
| Reggae<br />Dub<br />Dancehall
| [[Lee "Scratch" Perry]]
| [[Lee "Scratch" Perry]]

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In GTA V, instead of just having radio stations, many missions will be scored, with specific music tracks played at specific moments in order to build atmosphere and tension. However, radio stations will continue to exist.

We though could do something interesting if we scored missions in GTA. Obviously we didn't want to lose radio stations, so we thought we'd do both. Exactly how we're going to balance between the two we're not entirely sure yet – we're still trying to figure that out. But we have some very cool people doing the score, different people, who will work in the same stem-based system that we used in the other games".

Dan Houser in The Guardian

Radio Stations

Radio Station Format(s) DJ(s)
Blaine County Talk Radio Talk radio Unknown
Channel X Punk rock
Hardcore rock
Keith Morris
East Los FM Latin American music Don Cheto
Camilo Lara
FlyLo FM Electronica
Alternative hip-hop
Flying Lotus
Los Santos Rock Radio Classic rock
Kenny Loggins
Non Stop Pop FM Pop
Cara Delevingne
Radio Los Santos Contemporary hip-hop
Big Boy
Radio Mirror Park Indietronica
Twin Shadow
Rebel Radio Outlaw country Jesco White
Soulwax FM Dance-punk
Fidget house
Space 103.2 Funk
Bootsy Collins
The Blue Ark Reggae
Lee "Scratch" Perry
The Low Down 91.1 1970s soul
Mama G
Vinewood Boulevard Radio Alternative rock
Garage rock
Punk rock
WCTR 95.6 Talk radio Lazlow
West Coast Classics Classic hip-hop
Gangsta rap
DJ Pooh
Worldwide FM Electronica
Gilles Peterson

In-universe bands

Logos of the new bands appearing in GTA V.

The band Love Fist from the GTA III Era make a return. One side mission has Trevor Philips betting up the bassist Willy to get a "souvenir" for an eccentric, elderly English couple who collect celebrities' personal items. On the reality talent show Fame or Shame, one of the contestants sings a power ballad from Jezz Torrent's solo career.

As suggested by official artwork, several new bands are mentioned in GTA V, including Barbeque Spaceflight, Sorry Commode, Anguished Cornhole, and Fatal Incursion.

Nightride FM

In early 2012, Kavinsky revealed that he was going to be the host of a radio station in GTA V called Nightride FM. However, there have been no news about that station whatsoever since then.