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N.O.E. is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given by Mike Toreno to protagonist Carl Johnson.


You must drop some supplies and return to the airstrip. In this mission, CJ uses a Rustler, and he flies under the Radar to Angel Pine, and land the plane at the Airstrip. The player must fly at low height. If the plane is too high, it will be detected, and three Hydras will follow it. The Hydras can launch missiles, damaging your plane and possibly destroy it.


You must drop supplies at Angel Pine and go back to the airstrip.

  1. Get to the Rustler and take off.
  2. After taking off, you must go to the north, fly above the mountains and stay above the sea.
  3. Fly above the sea to Mount Chiliad. After passing it, go to the ring at Angel Pine.
  4. After passing trough the ring return to the airstrip, going on your route.
  5. Land on the airstrip to end the mission.