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The Shitzu NRG 900 is a superbike in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and is one of the fastest motorcycles in the game. The name suggests a connection to the NRG-500 racing bike from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas; possibly the NRG 900 is a modernized, commercial version of the NRG 500.


The NRG 900 is the only series of superbikes in GTA IV, and is available in two variants: The NRG 900F and the NRG 900RR. Cosmetic differences between the bikes are apparent, as the F variant is intended for casual use, while the RR variant is significantly sportier with fewer accessories and more aggressive styling. Both variants excel at stunts and tricks; they are, however, difficult to turn.

The NRG 900 is based on the Ducati 999R, but its headlight cover can differ between the 999-style cover, and one based on the Ducati 888's cover. The 888-style NRG 900 is called the NRG 900F, while the 999R-style NRG is called the NRG 900RR.


  • In GTA IV, the default radio station in the NRG 900 is Liberty City Hardcore.
  • Driving a NRG 900 seems to greatly increase the chance of rare sports cars spawning in or around Star Junction.


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