Ned Burner

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Ned Burner is a reporter for the Liberty Tree, Liberty City's newspaper. He also hosts a news radio bulletin that covers top stories. He will do anything for a story - even create his own.

Ned impersonates a priest in a confession box in order to trick Toni into doing missions for him, which are meant to cause chaos. This way, Ned will be the first to report on the destruction Toni causes, since he is the one who told Toni to do it. Among the obscene jobs Burner tricks Toni into completing involve killing a federal witness, stealing diamonds, and slaughtering three celebrities in town for a movie premiere (allegedly because one of them refused to give Burner "an exclusive").

Burner is eventually killed by Toni when he witnesses Toni murdering Avery Carrington. His and Avery's corpses are loaded onto Donald Love's jet as he flies out of town, presumably as an in-flight dinner for Love.

Prior to events in Liberty City Stories, Ned served as a central character in the official website, corresponding with various characters (including major and minor characters in the game's storyline) and receiving advertising by e-mail through his Liberty Tree inbox.

Ned Burner was voiced by Peter Bradbury in game.