No Way on the Subway

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Unnamed biker (left) and Jim Fitzgerald (right)

Ray Boccino is missing two million dollars in cash, and the diamonds Phil has discovered the location of a few Lost Motorcycle Club Members, and they assume Johnny must be with them. Ray orders Niko Bellic to head to the location, kill Johnny Klebitz and his biker friends.

Niko arrives at the location in an alley off of Vauxite, but Johnny isn't there, only two Lost MC members. He mentions the money that was stolen, but the bikers only laugh in Niko's face and encourage him to chase them as they ride off on their motorbikes. Niko hops onto a third bike and chases them through a short amount of time before the bikers ride through a broken ledge into the subway system.

The two bikers speed through the subway, Niko close behind. All three have close calls with oncoming trains. Eventually they exit the tunnles and reach the tracks under the bridge, one of the bikers jerks his bike to the right to avoid an oncoming train, but the second biker isn't so lucky. The train slams into him, killing him instantly and creating a large explosion from the destroyed bike. (Unless shot earlier) Promting Niko to call out to the remaining biker saying either: "Was that the Uptown J train?" or "Your friend's body's going to be smeared from here to Northwood!"

Niko eventually shots and kills the remaining biker, taking him one step closer to finding that "special someone".

It is revealed in The Lost and Damned DLC pack that Jim Fitzgerald, one of the major supporting characters, was the biker killed in the head-on collision with the train. Just before this chase Jim escaped Ray Boccino's basement in Drusilla's with the help of Johnny after being tortoured.


If you kill the bald biker before, where the train has derailed, it says enter train, as if you where at the platform, waiting to board the train. However you cannot enter the derailed train. Also if you visit the place again, (maybe after killing the bald biker, than returning to the place) the train has disappaered, but where the train has crashed, it took out a part of the steel poles, which still can be seen.