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Radio Station
Non Stop Pop FM
Genre: Pop, dance-pop, house
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
DJ(s): Cara Delevigne

{{Radio station | image = [[File:NonStopPopFM-GTAV-logo.svg|100px]] | genre = Pop, dance-pop, house | games = [[Grand Theft Auto V]] | djs = [[Cara Delevigne]] }} '''Non-Stop-Pop FM''' is a radio station in [[Grand Theft Auto V]] hosted by [[Cara Delevigne]], featuring pop music.[http://www.rockstargames.com/V/news/article/51291/gtav-soundtrack-interviews-and-details-plus-sleepwalking-by-the-.html GTAV Soundtrack Interviews and Details... Plus "Sleepwalking" by The Chain Gang of 1974 from the Official Trailer] '''DJ''': [[Cara Delevigne]] '''Genre''': [[wp:Pop music|pop]], [[wp:Dance-pop|dance-pop]], [[wp:House music|house]] === Playlist === * [[wp:Hall & Oates|Hall & Oates]] - "[[wp:Adult Education (song)|Adult Education]]" ''(1983)'' * [[wp:N-Joi|N-Joi]] - "The New Anthem" ''(1995)'' * [[wp:Jane Child|Jane Child]] - "[[wp:Don't Wanna Fall in Love|Don't Wanna Fall in Love]]" ''(1989)'' * [[wp:Wham!|Wham!]] - "[[wp:Everything She Wants|Everything She Wants]]" ''(1984)'' * [[wp:Britney Spears|Britney Spears]] - "[[wp:Gimme More|Gimme More]]" ''(2007)'' * [[wp:Fergie (singer)|Fergie]] - "[[wp:Glamorous (song)|Glamorous]]" ''(2007)'' * [[wp:Modjo|Modjo]] - "[[wp:Lady (Hear Me Tonight)|Lady (Hear Me Tonight)]] ''(2000)'' * [[wp:Stardust (band)|Stardust]] - "[[wp:Music Sounds Better with You|Music Sounds Better with You]]" ''(1998)'' * [[wp:Amerie|Amerie]] - "[[wp:1 Thing|1 Thing]]" ''(2005)'' * [[wp:Rihanna|Rihanna]] - "[[wp:Only Girl (in the World)|Only Girl (in the World)]]" ''(2010)'' * [[wp:All Saints (group)|All Saints]] - "[[wp:Pure Shores|Pure Shores]]" ''(1999)'' * [[wp:Corona (band)|Corona]] - "[[wp:The Rhythm of the Night (song)|The Rhythm of the Night]]" ([[wp:The Rapino Brothers|Rapino Brothers]] version) ''(1994)'' * [[wp:Mis-Teeq|Mis-Teeq]] - "[[wp:Scandalous (song)|Scandalous]]" ''(2003)'' * [[wp:Pet Shop Boys|Pet Shop Boys]] - "[[wp:West End Girls|West End Girls]]" ''(1984)'' * [[wp:Robyn|Robyn]] - "[[wp:With Every Heartbeat|With Every Heartbeat]]" ''(2007)'' * [[wp:Kelly Rowland|Kelly Rowland]] - "[[wp:Work (Kelly Rowland song)|Work]]" ''(2008)'' === References === {{Navboxes |title= Navigation |list1= {{radio stations|state=collapsed}} }} [[Category:Radio Stations]] [[Category:Radio Stations in GTA V]]

Non-Stop-Pop FM is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V hosted by Cara Delevigne, featuring pop music.[1]

DJ: Cara Delevigne

Genre: pop, dance-pop, house