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Northwood is a large neighborhood in the northernmost part of Algonquin. The Northwood Heights Bridge connects Algonquin with Bohan, starting from the north end of Frankfort Avenue in Northwood. North Holland and East Holland are to the south of Northwood. Northwood is based on a mixture of two real life districts of Manhattan, Inwood and Washington Heights. Luis Fernando Lopez resides there. Many African-Americans reside in Northwood, along with the North Holland Hustlers and the Uptown Riders. Revealed in The Lost and Damned, Northwood is the main turf to Angels of Death's as well. In The Ballad of Gay Tony it is the turf of the Dominican Cartel and they can be seen walking around Northwood.


The LTA stops are Frankfort High and Frankfort Low.

Places of Interest


Beta Northwood.

An artwork showing Beta Northwood can be found on a wall inside the Homebrew Café.