O'Neil Brothers

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The O'Neil Brothers
Games: GTA V
Locations: Blaine County
Leaders: Elwood O'Neil
Dale O'Neil
Enemies: Trevor Philips
Affiliations: Cheng Triads
Vehicles: Dubsta
Businesses: Drug trafficking
Meth manufactring
Weapons trafficking
Fronts: The O'Neil Farm
Members: Dale O'Neil
Dalton O'Neil
Dan O'Neil
Daryl O'Neil
Don O'Neil
Doyle O'Neil
Earl O'Neil
Elwood O'Neil
Ernie O'Neil
Ned O'Neil
Walton O'Neil
Wynn O'Neil

The O'Neil brothers are a gang in Grand Theft Auto V.


A family of inbred rednecks, the O'Neil brothers are a meth manufacturing ring operating out of their ranch in Grapeseed. They are in completion with Trevor Philips Enterprises.

In Crystal Maze, Trevor learns that Tao Cheng's father plans to do businesses with the O'Neil Brothers instead of him. Furious, Trevor drives from the Yellow Jack Bar to the O'Neil Ranch, where he wipes out most of the O'Neil clan and destroys their ranch house by burning the meth lab in the basement. Afterwards, Elwood calls Trevor, threatening to kill him. In Predator, the three surviving O'Neil Brothers go to Trevor's Vespucci Beach safehouse with an anti-tank rocket, only to find out from either from Floyd Hebert or Wade Hebert that Trevor returned to Sandy Shores. When the O'Neil Brothers leave for Blaine County, they are tailed by Franklin Clinton and his dog Chop. During the chase, the O'Neils wreck their SUV when an elk runs out in front of them and flee on foot in the forest near Raton Canyon. Trevor, Franklin, and Michael De Santa track down and eliminate the remainder of the O'Neil clan.

Mission appearances

  • Crystal Maze (everyone except Elwood, Walton and Wynn are killed by Trevor)
  • Predator (end of the gang as Elwood, Walton and Wynn are killed by Trevor, Franklin, and Michael)