Ocean Docks

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Ocean Docks it's the main port in Los Santos. This port represents The Port of Los Angeles, It's well know as an industrial zone where there is a National Guard depot that contains a lot of valuable military weapons . Ocean Docks is partly on an island and partly on the mainland, with three connecting bridges. The road quality is in general very poor. Ocean Docks has good road connections with Los Santos and Las Venturas because the seafront road in Los Santos passes next to it. The docks are served by a small train depot on a line which connects Ocean Docks with Los Santos Unity Staiton. There is a intermidiate freight stop. Ocean Docks is also located near Los Santos International Airport.

STORYLINE In the mission Robbing Uncle Sam, CJ and Ryder steal weapons from the National Guard depot.

File:Ocean Docks3
National Guard depot in Ocean Docks, Los Santos