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[[Category:Characters|Johnnie, Oily]]
[[Category:Characters|Johnnie, Oily]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA III|Johnnie, Oily]]
[[Category:Characters in GTA III|Johnnie, Oily]]
[[Category:Sexual References]]

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Did you mean Jonnie, a main character from Grand Theft Auto Advance?

Oily Johnnie is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series whose name can be seen on a store sign in Grand Theft Auto III. Oily Johnnie runs Oily Johnnie's Massage Parlor in the Red Light District of Portland, Liberty City. Oily Johnnie should not be mistaken for Jonnie, a main character in the game Grand Theft Auto Advance.

The name 'Oily Johnnie' could be another crude sexual joke, as the name is referring to a penis with lube on it.