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An oyster in GTA San Andreas.

Oysters are collectible items featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


A total of 50 oysters are dotted across the state of San Andreas, where they are usually found underwater along shorelines, underneath bridges crossing bodies of water, and occasionally pools by hotels or mansions. Because of their locations, the player is usually required to dive underwater to obtain them. Players are usually recommended to either use a boat or a Sea Sparrow to efficiently reach oysters.

Obtaining an oyster, as are other collectibles in the game, awards the player $100. Collecting all 50 oysters grants the player a $100,000 reward, maximum lung capacity, and a perk where the player can begin dating new girlfriends regardless of the player character's appearance or sex appeal. Collection of all 50 oysters is required for 100% completion.

A common misconception is that the player's lung capacity is directly influenced by the collection of oysters prior to collecting all 50 oysters. In reality, the increase in lung capacity is dependent of the time the player spends underwater to reach oysters; the longer they take collecting oysters underwater, the more the player's lung capacity is upgraded. Improved lung capacity makes it easier to collect oysters deeper in the water without losing health or risking death.