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The Paramedic side-mission can be toggled on or off when driving the ambulance in all GTA III-era games. This mission requires the player to find, pick up and deliver patients to the hospital within a time limit, while endeavouring to drive as safely as possible (each bump further injures the passengers). With every level comes another patient to deliver, increasing the difficulty. Usually when the player beats level 12, the mission is complete and a reward is achieved, e.g. infinite sprint or extra health. The Paramedic mission can be done and redone any time, even after completing all levels in the mission.

Up to three patients can be carried in an ambulance at any one time. The mission is failed if the player runs out of time, leaves the ambulance, destroys the ambulance, or kills a patient. Failing the mission results in the player having to start back at level one, with the exception of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. In Vice City Stories the player reaches a checkpoint upon competing every five levels. If the mission is failed the player can continue at this checkpoint. The Vice City Stories Paramedic mission also continues beyond level 15, giving a higher bonus each time, which is calculated by (level x 100).



  • Health pickup delivered to hideouts (35 patients rescued)

GTA Vice City

  • Infinite sprint (complete level 12)

GTA San Andreas

  • Maximum health boost (complete level 12)

GTA Liberty City Stories

  • Infinite sprint (complete level 12)

GTA Vice City Stories

  • Infinite sprint (complete level 15)