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the MS paramedic logo

The MS paramedics are an emergency service in Liberty City that handles all the medical emergencies in the city. They operate ambulances in their service and they operate out of all the hospitals in Liberty City with their ambulances parked inside or outside. The MS paramedics can be called by dialing 911 and pressing 2 once the call is placed and ambulance will arrive carrying two paramedics once they arrive one of them will get out and look for anyone hurt if none are around the medic will say "Shit another prank call" get back and the ambulance and depart. although if civilians either in single player or multiplayer are shot and killed the MS paramedics will arrive on the scene and a paramedic will attempt to revive the civilian while saying some sort of encouragement like "Don't you F**king die on me!" or "Stay with me, stay with me!" but usually they will leave the civilian after they tried to revive them and move on to the next dead civilian and try to revive them.

an MS paramedic ambulance with two paramedics inside


An MS paramedics uniform comprises of a white button up shirt under a navy blue coat with white reflective strips and the star of life on the left breast. navy blue EMS pants with black boots they also have purple medical gloves on their hands and a stethoscope around their neck

File:Image 9983.jpg
an MS paramedic