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The Patriot in the showroom. Image from


Patriot is a Jeep based off the Hummer H1. In GTA3 it is popular car often found in Portland, when in Vice City and San Andreas this car is reserved for army.


Patriot has medium maximum speed, it is very durable, and has outstanding off-road capabilities, mainly because high clearance, unusual width, and suspension. In GTA3, where it is civil vehicle seems to be lighter, and less durable, than in Vice City and San Andreas.


This car is able to be exported at the docks in San Fierro. When the Patriot has been exported, then it can be imported and driven whenever. In both Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Phil Cassidy drives these around a lot, and Tommy Vercetti even drives it while under the influence of Boomshine in one of Phil's final missions.

In GTA3 Claude is given a bulletproof Patriot after finishing Ray's missions.