Pavano Family

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Pavano Family
Games: GTA IV
Locations: Alderney City, Alderney
Little Italy, Algonquin
Midtown Algonquin; Liberty City
Leader: Joe Corrola
Type: Italian-American Mafia family
Vehicles: Sentinel XS
Sports PMP 600
Weapons: Knife, Pistol, SMG and Uzi
Fronts: Auto Eroticar
Members: Maria Valvona, Arthur Zepulla, Joe Corrola, Mario Venturella, Vito Menotti, two goons named John and Mike

The Pavano crime family is the second-most powerful of the Cosa Nostra Commission families of Liberty City and is led by 60 year old Maria Valvona, after her husband Mario's death. The family is based primarily in Algonquin. Joe Corrola is to be Boss until dying and was in charge of the family's heroin distribution ring, Mario Venturella is the longest lasting lover of Maria and a cat-burglar based in Algonquin and Arthur Zepulla is believed to be the family Consigliere. Jimmy Pegorino looked at the Pavanos as a way of getting a seat in the Commission, so he organised a sit down with them at an old refinery, where he took Niko Bellic along to watch over the meet with a sniper rifle after he was recommended to Pegorino by Phil Bell. The sit down was a set up and the Pavanos attempted to whack Pegorino, who was saved by Niko. The Pavanos later suffered for their actions when Pegorino hired Bellic to wipe out one of their crews that was meeting at Auto Eroticar in Alderney.


  • Maria Valvona - 60 year old female don, after her husband Mario's death (she was suspected to have poisoned him, but no one knows for sure). Most of the top-ranking members are her lovers, all at least 20 and usually even 40 years younger than her.
  • Arthur Zepulla - Maria's 40-year-old lover, at least in the early 90s when she paid for him to go to law school. Currently the family's consigliere.
  • Joe Corrola - Maria's 38-year-old lover who was in charge of the family's heroin distribution ring before he died in 2008.
  • Vito "Dog Meat" Menotti - a top-ranking hitman for the Pavanos since the 1990s, who is now turning states against them.


The Pavano family could be based on the Italian organization based in Camorra where there was a female boss Rosetta Cutolo. No Italian-American crime families in New York City or the United States have never had any female members. Females have only stayed as associates or "Comare" (name for mafia mistress). However this fictional GTA IV familly could be based on Rockstar games interpretation of the film Analyze That were Cathy Moriarty-Gentile played Patti LoPresti a female Mafia Boss in New York City.


  • One of the Pavano character models is strongly based on the character Eddie from the Quenten Tarantino film Reservoir Dogs.
  • A female has never been the head of a New York mafia family. However, it was a slight trend during years of trouble for Sicilian mobs, with women like Erminia Giuliano, Giussepina Vitale, or Catena Cammarata of the Riesi family.
  • A Coquette and Turismo can be taken at Auto Eroticar.