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The following is a list of all the spoken lines said by pedestrians, policemen, paramedics and so on.

San Andreas

Carl Johnson (getting arrested)

  • Come on, do I look like gangster? I’m a businessman!

Carl Johnson (is falling down from a high building)

  • Oh, shit!
  • Damn!
  • What the fuck!
  • Bullshit!
  • I don't need this shit!
  • Oh, motherfucker!
  • I hate gravity!
  • Shit, damn!
  • Aaaah!
  • Oh, fuck, shit!
  • Noooo!
  • Oh, hell no!
  • Oh, no!
  • Aaaah, no!


  • Place your bets!
  • Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!
  • An author of credit has been made, Sir. (?)
  • The house is prepared to offer you credit, Sir.
  • The house regonizes _ credit rating.
  • Sorry, Sir, you don't have enough fonds.
  • No more bets, please!
  • No more bets, ladies and gentlemen, please.
  • No more bets, people.
  • You win!
  • You win, Sir, well done.
  • Congratulations, Sir.
  • Thank you, Sir, have a nice day.
  • Thank you for playing, Sir.
  • Jackpot!
  • Another win for Sir!

Motorcycle Police (while chasing the player)

  • Don’t make this a 99A!
  • You have a last request?
  • You are going down!
  • I’m ready when you are, pussy!
  • I’m gonna get that bastard!
  • Bring it on!
  • You wanna fight a cop?
  • Officer, requesting backup!
  • Easy there!
  • I need backup here!
  • Hey!
  • Let’s see what you got!
  • Careful, partner!
  • Where'd you learn to throw a punch?
  • This one’s mine!
  • I’m going after it!
  • I’m gonna hum with you!
  • Ah, you want some of this?

Police Countryside (the player pushes the policeman)

  • Police, move!
  • Excuse me, please!
  • Out of the way!
  • Don’t you push me there!
  • Police, out of the Way!

Police Countryside (while chasing the player)

  • Get back here!
  • Come back here, you’re under arrest!
  • Stop running away, boy!
  • I will kill you, boy!
  • My daddy told me about guys like you!
  • You’re getting yourself in a hole heap of shit!
  • You think I didn’t kill bigger bands than you, pal?
  • I’m a racist, boy!
  • You don’t hit cops in my town!
  • I’m gonna mess you up, boy!
  • Out of your little mind, boy!
  • I can hardly wait to put you in!
  • You await your death, boy!
  • I see you, boy!
  • You think you’re tough now, boy?
  • You disgust me!
  • I’m on to kill you!
  • Hey, dump bastard, look at me!
  • You should play nice, boy!
  • I’m gonna put my pistol on your mouth!

Police Countryside (the player gets busted)

  • Yeah, boy, happy now?

Police Los Santos (while chasing the player)

  • I’m gonna get that fat asshole!

Police San Fierro (the player pushes the policeman)

Note: There are different policemen in SF, but this list isn't separated

  • Watch where you going!
  • Sorry, my fault, entirely!
  • Did you hurt yourself?
  • Yeah, let’s connect!
  • Did your mother drop you as a child?
  • Hey, watch it!
  • Hey, I just polished these shoes!
  • When you see this badge, step the hell aside!

Police San Fierro (while chasing the player)

  • If I’m finished with you... (laughing)
  • Let’s see what you got, boy!
  • Take it like a man!
  • Bruise yourself for pain!
  • Don’t make me ramming on you! (?)
  • When I kick your ass, I’m gonna fuck it!
  • Careful, I know how to use this stick!
  • Move it or loose it!
  • I’m gonna take you down!
  • First I gonna kick you up, than I’m gonna kick you off!
  • Do you wanna bump up? Come on: Show me what you’re hiding down there!
  • Man to man, like nature to thing! (?)
  • Prepared for a beating!
  • You wanna bump up, huh?
  • I’m gonna firing your ass! (?)
  • Come on, pal, one fist or two?
  • How can I help you? Please stop!
  • I’m actually a social worker in a uniform!
  • Stop, can I help you with your ___?
  • Let me help you, I’m a social worker!
  • I can help you crying out with my help!
  • Did your daddy kiss you?
  • Fighting is never the answer!
  • I just wanna know why you’re so unhappy!
  • Wait, bro!
  • Come on, we can get on the bottom with this!
  • Why you wanna hit me?
  • Stop, we can hold hands and talk about it!
  • The police are your friends!
  • I’m licensed by the state
  • Hold it, I’m also a social worker!
  • Slow down!
  • Go ahead, at least we get attention! (?)
  • Stop, you’re just troubled!
  • Didn’t your mother love you?
  • Come, let’s open a constructive dialogue!
  • I can feel your pain!
  • You have a death wish, punk?
  • Slow down!
  • I can make this look like a suicide, you know?
  • You’re leaving me no choice; I got to kick your ass!
  • You can’t escape!
  • You ain’t loosing me, asshole!
  • I’m dragging your ass to jail!
  • I’m right behind ya, buddy!
  • I’m going to terminate this chase in any cost purpose! (?)
  • My wife puts up a better fight!
  • Slow down, damn it!
  • I smell the fear of a criminal!
  • I’m on your ass, daisy!
  • Come on, let’s talk about this!
  • This badge does not brake for no one!
  • You can’t escape!
  • You see me coming, don’t ya?
  • I’m on the edge, asshole!
  • I’m gonna slap you good! (?)
  • Get your bitch and switch! (?)
  • You’re discovering your double-bagger? (?)

Drop yourself, honey!

  • Let’s wrestle to submission!
  • Wrestle me, honey!
  • Let’s hope we don’t have to hurt him!
  • Don’t move a muscle!

Police San Fierro (the player hits a police car)

  • What are you doing?
  • You’re going downtown!
  • My ex-wife drives better than that!
  • What the hell are you doing?
  • You better pay a price for that!
  • Son-of-a-bitch!
  • Hey!

Police Boat

  • Suspect is overboard.
  • Where you gonna swim to?
  • Get out of the water, you can’t escape!
  • He tries to swim away!
  • There he is, in the water!
  • We’ve got a man overboard, a man overboard!
  • Oh, you think you’re a fish, huh?
  • Get out of the fucking water, right now!
  • There he is!
  • Get out of the fucking water!
  • Hey, get outta there!
  • We’ve got a suspect in the water. Repeat: A man in the water!

Police Helicopter

  • We've got a clear vision on our suspect and we’re about to open fire.
  • Co-Pilot: Hey, when I kill him, do I get a medal?
  • Pilot: You get two!
  • This is aerial support - the suspect is about to get terminated.
  • You’re going down, hard man, right now!
  • Give up, the game’s up.
  • You think you’re hard, huh?
  • We’re the police, you moron, we’ve got helicopters!
  • This is aerial support - we’ve got a clear vision on our Suspect.
  • Put your hands off, it’s over!
  • Pilot: There is he, shoot him!
  • Co-Pilot: Why I always have to do the fucking Killing?!
  • Suspect is trying to escape - we have to stop that soon.
  • We had a headshot on you. Stop!
  • This is aerial support - we’re about to neutralize all visible dreads (?).

  • Co-Pilot: Hey, I can see my house from here-
  • Pilot: Hey, will you shut the hell up!
  • You, stop!
  • You’re in trouble now, bad boy.
  • This is chopper support - suspect is in sight.
  • This is heli support - I’m gonna put the suspect down!
  • This party is gonna be shot down!
  • You’re mine, tough guy!
  • You! Stop, or we will kill you!
  • We are the good guys, you little chump!
  • Pilot: Kill that asshole!
  • Co-Pilot: I’m trying, I’m trying!
  • Co-Pilot: You, stop!
  • Pilot: Just kill him, you pussy!
  • Suspect is escaping, repeat: Escaping!
  • You can’t escaping, asshole!
  • You! Stop running! Now!
  • It’s time to shut you up, asshole!

  • Pilot: Fulltime is over, kid!
  • Co-Pilot: Oh, you’re so dominating!
  • Pilot: Hey, do you see anything?
  • Co-Pilot: Higher! Shoot him!
  • Co-Pilot: Where is he?
  • Pilot: Over there, you dick, kill him!
  • You’re going to respect the law, pal!
  • Hey, stop, or we will kill you!
  • We’ve got a clear sighting on our suspect!
  • Pilot: (says something not to make out)
  • Co-Pilot: Oh, you’re so really butch!

Soldiers (while walking without chasing the player)

  • Fuck government thing in the desert.

Vice City

Tommy(as he crashes with another vehicle)

  • Drive as you look.

Tommy(while stealing a vehicle with a passenger in it)

  • I need this, pal.
  • You got insurance, so don't be afraid.

Tommy(while being chased)

  • Don't make me run.
  • If i have to kill you, I will.


  • You think that's funny, asshole?(when the player tries to run down an officer)
  • I am an officer of the law, stop!
  • You're all mine, tough guy.
  • I got him.
  • He's mine
  • Don't run away from me!

Police Helicopter

  • Pilot: There he is, over there, take him out!


  • This is the F.B.I.!

Drivers(when crashing into them)

  • I hope you got whiplash.
  • He's trying to kill me!

Vice City Stories

Police (while chasing player)

  • Ooh, look who's running.
  • I'm aiming for your nuts.
  • Let's go sweetheart.
  • Goddamn you!
  • I'm the law, boy!
  • You know you're dead, right?
  • I'm gonna beat your sweet ass!
  • I will kill you slow
  • I'll have your balls for breakfast, boy!
  • Stop you fuck-O!
  • You're messing with the law!
  • You must be a DCT! (?)
  • I got something for you boy!
  • You wanna see me boy?
  • Take my shot punk!
  • Fuck you John! (?)

Vic Vance (While aiming pedestrians)

  • Say hello to Mr. Death
  • Just Cleaning up
  • Just cleaning the shit.
  • Fuck You
  • Yeah, it's death time
  • You want some of this?
  • Freeze bitchhead
  • This is like strangling!
  • This is not a rehearsal!
  • Hey dead man!
  • Last chance to draw our breath!
  • Hey, you're gonna die
  • Your life is about to expire
  • Truck back if it you like (?)
  • This train stops here.
  • Want a break? Me as well
  • Have a nice death!
  • Sure it's a gun!
  • Yeah! Beast gang! (?)
  • Go to hell!
  • Hey, stip (?)
  • Goodbye asshole
  • So everyone says to shit yourself
  • Hey, I want your every meat!
  • I'm a professional
  • They say it's no movie, and it is not a kid's toy
  • You are now about to die

The following is only able right after Vic is discharged from the army

  • I just got kicked out of the army

Vic Vance (While beating up pedestrians)

  • Fight? Sure, OK, but let's make it quick.
  • D'you like it? Me too.
  • You're good at pissing me off.
  • Fight? Why not?
  • Never, Ever to me!
  • You'd make a real fight.

Vic Vance (While either aiming, beating up people, or getting chased or busted)

  • You gotta be joking!

Vic Vance (While on fire)

  • Aaaaarrrrgh!
  • Help!

Vic (When crashing into random cars)

  • Oh yeah, very intelligent!
  • Damn you!
  • I hope that really hurts!

Drivers (When player blocks road or rams random cars)

  • Move your bitch ass
  • Move your ass
  • Move bitch move!
  • You're trapping me in!
  • You gotta cut that shit out and move!
  • You little bitch, move!
  • Don't keep me in your rear!
  • When will you people learn?!
  • Estupido! (Cholos will shout out if player rams their car)
  • What are you doing?
  • Not today, not now!
  • Hey Gringos! I got a shit to do there(?)
  • Move the vehicle!!!
  • Man I gotta call my whacking!(?)
  • This buddy is mine!
  • I gotta move up ahead!
  • Who the hell is gonna pay for that?
  • Stop your fucking! (?)

Pedestrians (When player pushes them)

  • Hey amigos! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!
  • You're rude
  • Watch where you're going
  • Move back soldier!
  • Hey, watch it!
  • Well, how dare you asshole! (?)

Pedestrians (When angry)

  • Come on asshole
  • You want a piece of me?
  • You think I am a little sexbutt, huh?
  • Hey amigos! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!
  • I'll beat you insane
  • I'm a real killing machine!
  • Don't make me hurt you
  • Wow looks like this kid's going down.
  • You're a bitch
  • Come on then come on!
  • You're gonna be one of my burlap system!
  • Ok then, let's go, let's go!
  • I'm on my lunch break.
  • You want a fist in your face?
  • Get your hand off my car (though player hits a typical pedestrian without a car, sometimes that pedestrian says this)
  • I was born to fight! (security guards)
  • Let's go you two digit midget!
  • You know what, seńor?
  • I can fight, I'm white trash.
  • Uh, hello
  • Alright, my apologies (and runs away)

Pedestrians(When Vic aims them with gun)

  • Is that real?
  • OK, I was rude
  • Cowering like a bitch? Shoot!
  • I hope you don't kill me!
  • I ain't scared of that bullet
  • You'd better shoot fast!
  • Come on, I'll fix your toilet for free!
  • Free the fire! Stand away!
  • Want me to fix that for you?

Pedestrians(When they see people killed by Vic)

  • Man, this town is crazy!
  • This town is full of bitches


  • Come on 50 boy!
  • I'm gonna shoot you in the ass


  • Sharks, me?
  • You wanna swim with the sharks?
  • You are messing with the sharks.
  • Sharks bite!


  • You can't kill me! I'm indestructible!
  • Show me you're the man.


  • Handicapped parking for you
  • Sticky turfs!
  • I think he's drunk
  • You'd better be American