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The following is a list of all the spoken lines said by pedestrians, policemen, paramedics and so on.


Grand Theft Auto III


  • This is the Army!
  • Kill him!
  • I wanna kill him!
  • Do we get medals for this?
  • Take the enemy down!
  • Shoot him! SHOOT HIM!
  • This is a WAR!
  • Damn civilians!

Columbian Cartel

Being Car Jacked

  • It's MY car, idiot!
  • He taking my car!
  • My car!
  • You're going to pay for that!

Crashing Into Another Vehicle

  • Watch the wheels, gringo!
  • You're going to pay for THIS!
  • You cannot drive dude!


  • You want the chainsaw, gringo?
  • I'm going to kill you.
  • You're gonna be sorry...
  • You're a big dumb Yankee boy!
  • Run or die!
  • You're a brave man, huh?
  • It's no problem to kill you.
  • You move, big man?!


  • F.B.I.! Stop!
  • I'll kill you!
  • You're making Rosco mad!
  • I'm gonna kill you!
  • They'll rape him.
  • This is the F.B.I.!
  • Stop right there!


  • I'm an old lady for Christ's sake...
  • MY CAR!
  • Hey!
  • Get off!
  • Oh No, Not My Wheels!
  • That's my Mummy's car!
  • That's my company car!
  • Stop!
  • Leave me alone!
  • Sure, sure, TAKE IT!
  • My mother's my sister.
  • In the navy!
  • People kill people.
  • Haven't you got respect for your elders?
  • I'm gonna get a gun.
  • HEY! He hit me!
  • Theres a place you can go.
  • You look like my daughter.
  • What are you doing in there? Giving birth?


  • We will open fire!
  • Police! Freeze!
  • This is the police, stop!
  • Take him out!
  • He's over there!
  • This is the LCPD!
  • Police!

Southside Hoods

Being Car Jacked

  • Hey man, I just bought that!
  • Not my wheels!
  • That's my wheels!
  • Man, I just stole this!

Crashing Into Another Vehicle

  • It's PANCAKE time!
  • Next stop, you're dead!
  • I see the world of pain!
  • You're a dead man!


  • Let's go, cracka!
  • Yo, check it out!
  • You got a problem?
  • I'm gonna bust your ass!
  • I'm gonna bust your head!
  • You know who you messin' wit?!
  • Check out the featherweight!
  • It's ass-whoopin' time!


  • Somebody call a medic!
  • I see pain in your future!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Diaz's Gang

  • I am the bosses right hand man.
  • You know those charities he runs? He steal the money back.
  • You ask yourself that same thing.
  • Everyone will know my name.
  • He ask me for everything.
  • I already have some stuff on the side.
  • He's in a real bad mood.
  • Don't stick your nose in.
  • If he dies, I take over.
  • Somebody called him a sweaty dork.
  • Respect now will help you later.
  • I study my own thing now.
  • You gonna get it in the face!
  • Gringo is stupido!
  • Arms, and then your legs!


When Crashed Into

  • Oww! You hit me!
  • I hope you get whiplash!
  • He's trying to kill me!


  • This is the F.B.I.!
  • No trying to be stupid! This is the F.B.I.!
  • F.B.I., Stop immediately!
  • Vehicle hit! Vehicle hit!
  • We got a vehicle down!
  • F.B.I., FREEZE!

Forelli Family

  • It's the Harwood Butcher!
  • You know the rules, Vercetti.
  • Mr. Forelli sends his regards.
  • We'll keep coming after you until you die.
  • You don't stand a chance you psychotic prick.
  • Think you can take me on, Vercetti?
  • Your gonna die, Vercetti.
  • You always were a jerk.
  • Your going bye-bye.

Patrol Investment Group

  • You know how many steroids I take?
  • I'll rip off your head and shit down your neck!
  • We're the security asshole!
  • I gotta lay off the pills, I'm seeing shit.
  • You wanna piece of me, pal?
  • Hey, you wanna beating?
  • Yo meathead, get back here.
  • I'm bigger and tougher than you.
  • You wanna stick in the face, pal?
  • I take steroids mister.
  • Think you can mess with us?
  • I'll break your neck!
  • Yo, your a dead man!
  • I'm gonna stick my foot so far up your ass!
  • This is no joke, shithead.


  • Don't make me run; I'll get all sweaty.
  • You think that's funny, asshole?
  • I am an officer of the law, stop!
  • You're all mine, tough guy.
  • I got him.
  • He's mine.
  • Don't run away from me!
  • I'd chase you but I had too many donuts.
  • Hit me, I wanna retire.
  • I know Jiu-Jitsu sir!

Police Helicopter

  • There he is, over there, take him out!
  • VCPD!
  • This is the VCPD! Stop right now!
  • This is the VCPD! You are under arrest!
  • You are completely surrouded!
  • Don't worry boys, we see the asshole!
  • We've engaged with suspect, backup requested!
  • VCPD, stop right now!


  • I said "Mom, school is for squares".
  • Man, I saw the hottest thing.
  • We gotta get new guns, yo!
  • Vice City is a battlefield.
  • I hate those yuppie scum, man.
  • I'm getting wise to the street shit.
  • Malibu is a hard joint to get into, man.
  • You like living it up now?
  • I told him to sit on a spike, haha!
  • I learnt all about smuggling.
  • Check me out!
  • Competition from too many places.
  • I'm persecuted by society, man.

Tommy Vercetti

Being Arrested

  • You got me. Relax, relax.
  • Go beat up innocent kids.
  • Ok, we're done. Calm down now.
  • Can you call my lawyer? His names Rosenberg.
  • Enough now.
  • That the best you got?
  • I know, your only doing your job.
  • I'm not resisting arrest.
  • Call my lawyer, please.
  • I give up.
  • You got me mister, I give up.
  • You win, you win.
  • Take it easy, copper.
  • Your dead when I walk.

Being Car Jacked

  • Who do you think your messing with, pal?
  • Who do you think this is?
  • Think your a tough guy, do 'ya?
  • No Florida moron jacks Tommy Vercetti!

Being Chased By Police

  • Dicks! You're all dicks!
  • If I have to kill you, I will!
  • Go shower with the guys!
  • I did your wife, you poor bastard!
  • What's your wife doing!
  • Hello? Officer?
  • Get away moron!
  • Badge wearing fruit!
  • Go play in the traffic.
  • Up yours!
  • You guys ever catch any criminals?
  • You can't run, officer.
  • Get off of me, prick.
  • Your not a cop, your a robot.
  • Stay away from me.
  • Leave me alone, mister.
  • I thought they were pulling you idiots off the force?
  • No wonder you ended up being a cop.
  • Your as boring as the other guy.
  • I'm innocent!
  • I don't like guys in uniform, pal.
  • You heard of Vercetti yet?

Car Jacking

  • I need this, pal.
  • You got insurance, so don't be a prick.
  • Run away.
  • Excuse me!
  • Thanks, now piss off.
  • Run away and shut your mouth.
  • I'm in a hurry, I need this.
  • Don't be a hero, pal.
  • You take a hike now, mister.
  • Get out.
  • Hey, you.
  • Now run, prick!
  • Now get lost!
  • Now don't try anything stupid.
  • Kiss the pavement!
  • You ain't hurt. Let's keep it that way.
  • Just think of this as socialism in action.
  • You gonna cry now?

Crashing Into Another Vehicle

  • You drive like you look: stupid.
  • Dumb Florida morons.
  • You on medication, asshole?!
  • What's wrong with you people?
  • Good thing I don't own this piece of crap.


  • I'm a lunatic, 'ya moron.
  • What are 'ya gonna do now?
  • You having fun yet?
  • You're not gonna enjoy this.
  • You want more?
  • It doesn't have to be like this.
  • Dumb asshole!
  • You really wanna fight me?
  • You should've stayed at home today.
  • Don't come near me again.
  • If this is how you want it.
  • This is your fault, pal.
  • You wanna fight me?
  • You asked for this, pal.
  • Fight me then. FIGHT.
  • C'mon then, loser.
  • Blame my mother, I do.
  • At least you ain't gonna worry about your looks.
  • I don't - back - down.
  • I know how to fight.
  • Okay man, you want this?
  • Your really dumb, aren't you?
  • You better apologize.
  • Think your tough, huh, prick?
  • Your serious about this?
  • You still got a problem with me?
  • You think you can hurt me?
  • Keep punching.
  • I'm your worst nightmare.
  • Your too stupid to hurt, pal.
  • You sorry yet?
  • Don't make me kill you.
  • Go screw yourself!
  • Not so tough now, huh?
  • Stay off the streets in future.
  • C'mon, big boy.
  • You've gotta hit harder than that.
  • You inbred shitbag!
  • Ok let's go.
  • Got anything else to add?
  • I'll murder you!
  • You dumb bastard.
  • I just left prison, you prick.
  • I look like a fruit or something?!
  • I'll kill you, asshole.
  • What, prick?
  • You're messing with the beast, prick!
  • Stupid damn pricks!
  • Leave me alone.
  • Tough guy!

Killing Several People

  • You happy now?
  • You wanna know all about me? You wanna understand me better?!
  • I'll take you ALL down!
  • Losers!
  • Now who's gonna stop me?!
  • 'Ya dumb Florida asshole!
  • You morons don't learn nothing!
  • Enjoy death, asshole.
  • Remember me?! Tommy Vercetti!
  • Who wants to stop me?!
  • I've already been to prison!
  • You asked for this, moron.
  • Something wrong now?!
  • You think I was scared of using this?!
  • Tommy Vercetti! Remember the name!
  • I'll kill you all!
  • Never forget the second amendment, asshole!
  • Don't give Tommy Vercetti a hard time, asshole!

Ordering Food

  • I need something to eat.
  • Gimme some food, pal.
  • Whatever, I'm starving.
  • I'm hungry, man, feed me.
  • I'm hungry here.
  • Hey pal, you serving or hanging out? Food.
  • Food, pal. Please, anything.
  • I'll have the special.

Picking Up Money

  • You've gotta get a better job.
  • It's only money.
  • I still need pocket money, pal.
  • What are you going to do?!
  • These ain't friendly streets.
  • That all you got?
  • You don't need it anyhow.
  • Now I'm robbing you, moron.
  • Who do you think I am?
  • 'Ya piss me off, 'ya gotta pay!
  • You were hardly worth robbing.
  • Fool!
  • I might aswell take this now!
  • You cheap bastard.

Picking Up A Prostitute

  • Sweetheart! What's your name?
  • How you doing?
  • You'll do, baby.
  • You from Vice City, baby?
  • Let's... go somewhere more private.

Threatening With A Firearm

  • Do not annoy me.
  • Hey, you.
  • Hey, asshole.
  • Hey, idiot!
  • I do this for a living, pal.
  • Don't make me.
  • Give it up!
  • Don't mess with me.
  • Do we have a problem here?
  • Let's settle this like men: With guns.
  • You want me to share this with you?
  • You wanna piece of this, moron?
  • You want this?
  • You think I'm fooling around?
  • Keep going.
  • You don't wanna know me, pal.
  • I ain't a big mouth no balls kinda guy.
  • Do you think I'm a jerk?!
  • You think prison reforms people, mister?
  • You think you can push me around?
  • Look at me, asshole.
  • Carry on.
  • You think your something special?
  • I ain't taking any crap from you.
  • You know how much worse this can get?
  • You don't have to die.
  • C'mon, stay calm.
  • You seen one of these before?
  • Don't be an idiot.
  • I'm pointing a gun at you, pal.
  • I ain't kidding around.
  • Now don't make this any worse!
  • Make a move, I DARE YOU.

With A Prostitute

  • I've been in prison a long time.
  • Let's do some business.
  • Call me Tommy darling and make yourself comfortable.
  • It's always work, work, work. Never any fun.
  • Ever heard of Tommy Vercetti, sweetheart? You will..
  • Alright, baby. Make yourself at home.

Vercetti Gang

  • Hey, watch the suit, man!
  • What hardware have we got?
  • Hey, Mario.
  • Don't push the Mario man.
  • I never asked your sister out, man!
  • Looking hot today, man!
  • Hey, hey, it's Mr. V!
  • Tommy, man, your gonna love this.
  • I got those clothes you wanted.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Ammunation Clerk

  • Everything a patriot could want!
  • Ice your wife or stop a truck, I got what you need.
  • They, uh, all lost their serial numbers.
  • I don't do big military orders.
  • You hard yet?
  • If the cops ask, you didn't get it here, ok?
  • I didn't sell you this, right?
  • Have fun!
  • Hope you kick some ass!
  • The choice of a proffessional.
  • Works well in a crowded area.
  • The revolution is coming!
  • There are cultists everywhere, friend.
  • The wars are coming, you hear?

Big Smoke

  • Damn, fool!
  • Ah, look out.
  • Watch where you're goin', moron!
  • Excuse me.

Carl Johnson

Being Arrested

  • Come on, do I look like gangster? I’m a businessman!
  • Whats wrong? You ran out of donuts?
  • You can talk about this in the shower with your buddies!
  • Fuck you, one time!

Car Jacking

  • Heroes get popped, move.
  • Shit fool, you just got jacked!
  • Give me this fucking car.
  • Grove Street needs your car.
  • Would you like to be a victim of a car jacking? Or a homicide?
  • I'm having that!
  • This is a robbery, don't make it a murder!
  • I need that shit you driving!
  • What's you expect? It's America.
  • You gonna have to walk now, sucker!
  • I'm having this!
  • Gimme that fucking vehicle!
  • I'm a loser, so hate me.
  • Get out the ride!
  • Don't take this personal, but you getting jacked!
  • Get out the car!
  • Get outta here punk!
  • Roll up outta here. NOW!
  • Thats MINE!
  • Be cool, its just a jacking.
  • Gimme your whip fool!
  • Get carjacked, or get a beatin'. Easy choice, huh?
  • Don't blame me; blame society.
  • Now you can buy another one!
Stealing A Bike
  • Gimme that fucking bike!
  • Damn, you fell off?
  • Gravity's a bitch isn't it?
  • You ain't gonna cry now are you?
  • Off the bike!
  • I'm having that bike!
  • Get off that bike!
  • Now don't make this get really ugly.
  • You just got jacked!
  • OFF!
  • Don't mind me!
  • Keep quiet and you won't get beat up over no bike.
  • You want a beating as well?
  • Gimme that bike!
  • Don't make this worse for yoursef!
  • I want your bike!
  • I need your bike!
  • I'm gonna have to borrow this bike!
  • I'm having this bike!
  • GET yo' ass off.

Crashing Into Another Vehicle

  • Did you buy your license?
  • Inbreeding makes you dumb, huh?
  • My car!
  • What kind of license you got? Fishing license?
  • Having a bad week, huh? I'll make it worse, for that!
  • Your mom must be proud of your driving, fool!
  • Fuck, you hit me!
  • Damn! My Whip!
  • Did you steal your license?!
  • You hit me! I'm gonna hit you back!
  • Idiot!
  • What in fuck's name are you doing?!
  • My ride! Fool!
  • Ahhh, screw you!
  • Look where you going!
  • What you been drinking?!
  • How you allowed to drive if you blind?!
  • Oh, you asshole! My shit!
  • Can anyone in this state drive?

Falling From A Building

  • Oh, shit!
  • Damn!
  • What the fuck!
  • Bullshit!
  • I don't need this shit!
  • Oh, motherfucker!
  • I hate gravity!
  • Shit, damn!
  • Aaaah!
  • Oh, fuck, shit!
  • Noooo!
  • Oh, hell no!
  • Oh, no!
  • Aaaah, no!


  • Make it easy on yourself and run away!
  • Come on! Fight then!
  • Come on! Punch!
  • This gonna be easy bitch!
  • Oh you real hard huh?
  • I warn you, I don't give a fuck!
  • You got scraps huh?
  • You got scraps huh bitch?
  • You think you tough?
  • Do you know who your fucking with?
  • Head up, you and me!
  • Your fucking with Carl Johnson!
  • You know who you up against?
  • You know who you messing with?
  • It's your funeral asshole!
  • You should back down and run away!
  • You little punk!
  • Run away fool!
  • You gonna back down soon?
  • Run away bitch!
  • Come on! Show me what you got!
  • Toe to Toe fool!
  • Come on asshole, then fight!
  • You just a bitch!
  • You dead motherfucker!

Killing Pedestrians

  • Welcome to America!
  • Yeah, I'll shoot you in your face!
  • I'm a punk? Am I?
  • Welcome to San Andreas!
  • I don't give a fuck!
  • I'm a lunatic, fool!
  • I'm a well dressed maniac, fool!
  • Bitches!
  • Welcome to Ganton, fool!
  • Bang, bang, bang!
  • Asshole!

Picking Up Money

  • Gimme that Grip!
  • Aww you so kind.
  • Ah, look at all this paper!
  • Thanks, bitch!
  • Next time you should put it in the bank!
  • I need this more than you, I think.
  • Is that all you got? Cheap fool!
  • Give me them dollars!
  • Come on, pay me! I'm a real criminal.
  • I'll take that paper.
  • That's going in my retirement fund!
  • Lunch money.
  • Is this for me?
  • Gimme those chips!
  • Yeah, them my duckets now.
  • I like to share too, thank you.
  • Hey, pay a nigga!
  • Send 'em duckets over here!
  • With a mean bastard like you around here, crime really don't pay.

Recruiting Gang Members

  • They told me you was a buster, prove me wrong.
  • I'm gonna put in some work, you down?
  • C'mon dude, roll wit' me.


  • Warm it up Kane! Warm it up CJ! Warm it up Kane!
  • Girl you dropped a bomb on me!
  • Express yourself! Because i'm from Grove Street!
  • Young hearts be free tonigh....! Aww what was it...
  • Rollercoaster...!
  • Ain't nuttin but a G thang, bab-ay....


  • Place your bets!
  • Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!
  • An offer of credit has been made, Sir.
  • The house is prepared to offer you credit, Sir.
  • The house regonizes _ credit rating.
  • Sorry, Sir, you don't have enough funds.
  • No more bets, please!
  • No more bets, ladies and gentlemen, please.
  • No more bets, people.
  • You win!
  • You win, Sir, well done.
  • Congratulations, Sir.
  • Thank you, Sir, have a nice day.
  • Thank you for playing, Sir.
  • Jackpot!
  • Another win for Sir!


Police Boat

  • Suspect is overboard.
  • Where you gonna swim to?
  • Get out of the water, you can’t escape!
  • He tries to swim away!
  • There he is, in the water!
  • We’ve got a man overboard, a man overboard!
  • Oh, you think you’re a fish, huh?
  • Get out of the fucking water, right now!
  • There he is!
  • Get out of the fucking water!
  • Hey, get outta there!
  • We’ve got a suspect in the water. Repeat: A man in the water!

Countryside Police

  • Police, move!
  • Excuse me, please!
  • Out of the way!
  • Don’t you push me there!
  • Police, out of the Way!
  • Get back here!
  • Come back here, you’re under arrest!
  • Stop running away, boy!
  • I will kill you, boy!
  • My daddy told me about guys like you!
  • You’re getting yourself in a whole heap of shit!
  • You think I didn’t kill bigger bands than you, pal?
  • I’m a racist, boy!
  • You don’t hit cops in my town!
  • I’m gonna mess you up, boy!
  • Out of your little mind, boy!
  • I can hardly wait to put you in!
  • You await your death, boy!
  • I see you, boy!
  • You think you’re tough now, boy?
  • You disgust me!
  • I’m on to kill you!
  • Hey, dump bastard, look at me!
  • You should play nice, boy!
  • I’m gonna put my pistol in your mouth!
  • Yeah, boy, happy now?

Police Helicopter

  • We've got a clear vision on our suspect and we’re about to open fire.
  • Co-Pilot: I see her, SHE'S beautiful!
  • Pilot: HE'S over there!! He's A GUY!!
  • Co-Pilot: Hey, when I kill him, do I get a medal?
  • Pilot: You get two!
  • This is aerial support - the suspect is about to get terminated.
  • You’re going down, hard man, right now!
  • Give up, the game’s up.
  • You think you’re hard, huh, asshole!
  • We’re the police, you moron, we’ve got helicopters!
  • This is aerial support - we’ve got a clear vision on our Suspect.
  • Put your hands up, it’s over!
  • Pilot: There is he, shoot him!
  • Co-Pilot: Why I always have to do the fucking Killing?!
  • Pilot: Because I'm a pacifist! Kill him!
  • Suspect is trying to escape - we have to soon stop that.
  • We had a headshot on you, tough guy. Stop!
  • This is aerial support - we’re about to neutralize all visible threats.
  • Co-Pilot: Hey, I can see my house from here-
  • Pilot: Hey, will you shut the hell up!
  • You, stop!
  • You’re in trouble now, bad boy.
  • This is chopper support - suspect is in sight.
  • This is heli support - I’m gonna put the suspect down!
  • This party is gonna be shot down!
  • You’re mine, tough guy!
  • You! Stop, or we will kill you!
  • We are the good guys, you little chump!
  • Pilot: Kill that asshole!
  • Co-Pilot: I’m trying, I’m trying!
  • Co-Pilot: You, stop!
  • Pilot: Just kill him, you pussy!
  • Suspect is escaping, repeat: Escaping!
  • You can’t escaping, asshole!
  • Pilot: Stop! Police!
  • Co-Pilot: I think he knows that by now!
  • You! Stop running! Now!
  • It’s time to shut you up, asshole!
  • Pilot: Playtime is over, kid!
  • Co-Pilot: Oh, you’re so dominating!
  • Pilot: Hey, do you see anything?
  • Co-Pilot: Higher! Shoot him!
  • Co-Pilot: Where is he?
  • Pilot: Over there, you dick, kill him!
  • You’re going to respect the law, pal!
  • Hey, stop, or we will kill you!
  • We’ve got a clear sighting on our suspect!
  • Pilot: (says something not to make out)
  • Co-Pilot: Oh, you’re so really butch!
  • Pilot: Man, stop photographing those women and shoot the bastard!.
  • Co-Pilot: Hey, shut up!

Motorcycle Police

  • Don’t make this a 99A!
  • You have a last request?
  • You are going down!
  • I’m ready when you are, pussy!
  • I’m gonna get that bastard!
  • Bring it on!
  • You wanna fight a cop?
  • Officer, requesting backup!
  • Easy there!
  • I need backup here!
  • Hey!
  • Let’s see what you got!
  • Careful, partner!
  • Where'd you learn to throw a punch?
  • This one’s mine!
  • I’m going after it!
  • I’m gonna hum with you!
  • Ah, you want some of this?

San Fierro Police

  • Watch where you going!
  • Sorry, my fault, entirely!
  • Did you hurt yourself?
  • Yeah, let’s connect!
  • Did your mother drop you as a child?
  • Hey, watch it!
  • Hey, I just polished these shoes!
  • When you see this badge, step the hell aside!
  • Let’s see what you got, boy!
  • Take it like a man!
  • Bruise yourself for pain!
  • When I kick your ass, I’m gonna fuck it!
  • Careful, I know how to use this stick!
  • Move it or loose it!
  • I’m gonna take you down!
  • First I gonna beat you up, than I’m gonna beat you off!
  • Do you wanna bump up? Come on: Show me what you’re hiding down there!
  • Man to man, like nature intended!
  • Prepared for a beating!
  • You wanna bump up, huh?
  • I’m gonna violate your ass!
  • Come on, pal, one fist or two?
  • How can I help you? Please stop!
  • I’m actually a social worker in a uniform!
  • Let me help you, I’m a social worker!
  • I can help you crying out with my help!
  • Did your daddy kiss you?
  • Fighting is never the answer!
  • I just wanna know why you’re so unhappy!
  • Wait, bro!
  • Come on, we can get on the bottom with this!
  • Why you wanna hit me?
  • Stop, we can hold hands and talk about it!
  • The police are your friends!
  • I’m licensed by the state!
  • Hold it, I’m also a social worker!
  • Slow down!
  • Stop, you’re just troubled!
  • Didn’t your mommy love you?
  • Come, let’s open a constructive dialogue!
  • I can feel your pain!
  • You have a death wish, punk?
  • Slow down!
  • I can make this look like a suicide, you know?
  • You’re leaving me no choice; I got to kick your ass!
  • You can’t escape!
  • You ain’t losing me, asshole!
  • I’m dragging your ass to jail!
  • I’m right behind ya, buddy!
  • I’m going to terminate this chase at any cost.
  • My wife puts up a better fight!
  • Slow down, damn it! I just ate!
  • I smell the fear of a criminal!
  • I’m on your ass, daisy!
  • Come on, let’s talk about this!
  • This badge does not break for no one!
  • You can’t escape!
  • You see me coming, don’t ya?
  • I’m on the edge, asshole!
  • I’m gonna slap you good!
  • Get your bitch and switch!
  • Drop your pants, honey!
  • Let’s wrestle to submission!
  • Wrestle me, honey!
  • Let’s hope we don’t have to hurt him!
  • Don’t move a muscle!
  • What are you doing?
  • You’re going downtown!
  • My ex-wife drives better than that!
  • What the hell are you doing?
  • You better pay a price for that!
  • Son-of-a-bitch!
  • Hey!

San Fierro Triads

  • Fuckhead!
  • Muttonchops!
  • So Sorry.
  • Hey!
  • Don't get too close to big money.
  • Get away from me.


  • Do we have to torture you?
  • Did your brain just stop working?
  • You got brain freeze or something?
  • Out the way, mutton-head!
  • Off the road, idiot!


  • Damn mutton-fool
  • Your children are going to miss you!
  • We're gonna cut you up!
  • We're gonna slice you up!
  • We're gonna slice your face off!
  • You goin' down, fuckhead.


  • Keep his damn head down!
  • Gimme a clip on this motherfucker!
  • Hope you liked your face!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


  • No insurance? Here, take an aspirin.
  • Check his wallet.


When shooting

  • Aim for his head!
  • Aim for his spine!
  • Aim for his nuts!
  • No judge no jury!
  • It's the justice!
  • I'm opening fire!
  • I ain't asking for it again!
  • This is going to end right now!

Collides with Toni or pedestrians

  • Use your damn eye.
  • Have respect for the law!
  • Hey! I'm gonna crucify you!

Toni blocks the way of a Cruiser

  • Don't make me arrest ya pal


  • Opening fire! Opening fire!
  • You were asking for it!

Police Helicopter

  • LCPD!
  • This is LCPD!
  • Hold it right there!
  • Your momma ain't gonna save your ass now!
  • You just got my buddy! GAAH!
  • You are a sitting duck buddy! QUACK! QUACK! (means to indicate that the player cannot get a helicopter in any ways)
  • Running a marathon, buddy? STAY DOWN!
  • I got this person in my sight!
  • See me up here! I ain't smiling tough guy!
  • Says something about Toni in the movie 'The Mainframe'.

Forelli Family

  • You are dealing with the real gang!
  • You're messing with a real gangster now!


Triad fires at Toni

  • Shut up

Toni tries to run down Triad

  • Watch it!
  • You Crazy!
  • Oh Hell No!
  • Crazy Idiot!
  • You Idiot!


jumping away from car

  • Wa, Goregore (=What the hell)

Leone Family

collides with Toni, pedestrian, etc.

  • You'd better learn some respect here, junior.
  • Ah, the Italian Americans shoot you, OK?


  • I'am going to shoot you on sight!
  • I'll show you what it is to be fucking with the Leone!

Southside Hoods

Toni pushes them

  • Stand outta my fucking way!

Random dialogue

  • I got some rage!

Pulling Toni out of his car

  • Get out of there, bitch.

Firing at Toni

  • You a tough guy, huh?

Uptown Yardies

Yardies fire at Toni

  • You want some of this?

Toni rams a Yardie Lobo

  • What are you doing!

Pedestrian (seeing carcasses made by Toni)

  • Oh, hell, what a mess!
  • I'am gonna lose my lunch.
  • Another one bites the dust.

Pedestrian (when Toni pushes them)

  • Stop breaking my balls!
  • Don't push me, will ya?
  • Got something in your eyes?
  • Get the fuck outta my way!
  • Ow! My heart!
  • Get out of my damn way!
  • Pushing is an insult.
  • Watch the pickpocket son.
  • You're rude.
  • Hey that felt kinda nice.
  • All you fools will work for me.
  • Don't Touch me dirtbag.
  • Get off!

Pedestrian (jumping away from car)

  • You tried to kill me!
  • Hey!
  • Easy man! I'm over here!
  • Woah!
  • Learn how to drive!
  • Crazy idiot!
  • Hey, watch it man!
  • Keep your eyes open!
  • Crazy fool!
  • Oh my God!
  • Oh, help!
  • Look out!
  • Trying to kill an old lady!
  • Are you insane?
  • That's bullshit yo!
  • Damn son!
  • Ah you tried to kill me!
  • Holy moley!
  • Psycho!
  • Infamy!
  • You almost cracked my pelvis!
  • Holy crap!
  • Oh my heart!
  • Watch it!
  • I'm walkin here honey.
  • The bitch's tryin to love!
  • That's fourth this week!
  • Son of a bitch!

Random dialogue between Pedestrians

  • A: It's good that I don't have to be angry these days.
  • B: Eat more meat.
  • A: I gotta keep my blood pressure down.
  • A: I wish I were rich.
  • B: The ferry situation is not getting any better.
  • A: Can I borrow 2 dollars?

Drivers (when Toni blocks road)

  • Hurry up! I'm late for a swinging party.
  • Come on, get out of the way.
  • Come on, move it!
  • Come on, I'm waiting for my marriage guidance!
  • Come on, man, let's go!
  • Move! I'm late for a meeting!
  • Don't make me lose my shit pal!
  • Oh lord!
  • Move it!
  • Move it Welfare boy!
  • Move! I'm late for the show.
  • Move dickhead move!
  • I got a date with a cheese deluxe!
  • I have a going massage in 5 minutes!

Drivers (When Toni jacks car)

  • What?! What?!
  • My Pornos are in there!
  • Take it, take the car!
  • That's my dad's car!
  • Help! Police!
  • Get off!
  • Oh no I'm having a heart attack! Get away!
  • My corporate car!
  • This is my car!

Drivers (When Toni rams into car)

  • My Car!
  • Oh lord!
  • It's a company car!(?)
  • What, man!
  • Oh! I had an accident!

Toni (as crashing into a random car)

  • Is it gonna be any worse?
  • Sorry about that.

Toni (as he jacks cars)

  • Out! Before I shoot you!

Toni (as he aims people with his gun)

  • Feelin' scared, huh?
  • Don't try to mess with me.
  • You want some of this?
  • LCPD Morons!
  • Now stay away from me.
  • Look, I'm armed.
  • You should be running away.

Toni (when he is arrested)

  • Let me go, officer!

Avenging Angels

As they join Toni on Avenging Angels missions

  • Kickin ass rocks!
  • We're the law in this town!
  • I'm your man!

Collides with Toni, pedestrian, etc.

  • I'm the law!

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Police (while chasing player)

  • Ooh, look who's running.
  • I'm aiming for your nuts.
  • Let's go sweetheart.
  • Goddamn you!
  • I'm the law, boy!
  • You know you're dead, right?
  • I'm gonna beat your sweet ass!
  • I will kill you slow
  • I'll have your balls for breakfast, boy!
  • Stop you fuck-O!
  • You're messing with the law!
  • You must be a DCT! (?)
  • I got something for you boy!
  • You wanna see me boy?
  • Take my shot punk!
  • Come on, boy!
  • Fuck you John!

Vic Vance (While either aiming, beating up people, or getting chased or busted)

  • Oh look, its me , and my pet gun.
  • Fight? Sure, OK, but let's make it quick.
  • D'you like it? Me too.
  • You're good at pissing me off.
  • Fight? Why not?
  • Never, Ever to me!
  • You'd make a real fight,victim.
  • You gotta be joking!
  • Say hello to Mr. Death
  • Just cleaning up
  • Just cleaning the shit.
  • You wanna get killed, amigo?
  • Fuck You
  • Yeah, it's death time
  • I got plenty of this!
  • You want some of this?
  • Your biggest mistake, being born.
  • This may stink a little!
  • Freeze bitchhead.
  • Die, street trash!
  • Meet my gun!
  • This is like strangling!
  • This is not a rehearsal!
  • Hey dead man!
  • Last chance to draw our breath!
  • Hey, you're gonna die.
  • Your life is about to expire.
  • Oh yeah? OH, YEAH?
  • Want a little more action, why not?
  • Truck back it if you like.
  • Fire in the hole!
  • This train stops here.
  • Want a break? Me as well
  • Have a nice death!
  • Sure it's a gun!
  • Yeah! Piece dead!
  • Let's play... I'll fuck you up!
  • Go to hell!
  • Hey, stiff
  • Bye asshole
  • You have every right to shit yourself.
  • Hey, all I want is your very meat!
  • I'm a professional.
  • This ain't no movie, and it ain't no kid's toy.
  • You are now about to die.
  • You're about to get wasted!
  • Your biggest mistake, being born!
  • I'll put you all down!
  • You want this to get ugly?
  • I got kicked out of the army (Only shortly after Conduct Unbecoming.)
  • Yeah, yeah! That was a drill. (when busted)

These quotes are only said when Vic is part of the army:

  • You're fuckin' with the military!
  • Don't mess with the army!
  • Do you know who you're messing with?
  • I know! I know! I am a disgrace.
  • I'm a soldier, friend!
  • I'm a soldier, don't push me!
  • Glad you pay taxes?
  • Don't fuck with me!
  • This is the army!
  • You are in America, friend!
  • Yeah? Yeah? You want this?
  • Don't make me do this!
  • Don't be an idiot!
  • You think you're fucking hard?

Vic (When crashing into random cars)

  • Oh yeah, very intelligent!
  • Damn you!
  • I hope that really hurts!
  • Designed by experts, wrecked by a moron.
  • I hope you're unable to reproduce!

Drivers (When player blocks road or rams random cars)

  • Move your bitch ass
  • Move your ass
  • Move bitch move!
  • You're trapping me in!
  • You gotta cut that shit out and move!
  • You little bitch, move!
  • Don't keep me in your rear!
  • When will you people learn?!
  • Estupido! (Cholos will shout out if player rams their car)
  • What are you doing?
  • Not today, not now!
  • Hey Gringos! I got shit to do today!
  • Move the vehicle!!!
  • Man I gotta call my whacking!(?)
  • This buddy is mine!
  • I gotta move up ahead!
  • Who the hell is gonna pay for that?
  • Stop your fucking! (?)
  • Punk ass bitch!
  • I gotta dock this shit move it!

Pedestrians (When player pushes them)

  • Hey amigos! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!
  • You're rude
  • Watch where you're going
  • Move back soldier!
  • Hey, watch it!
  • Well, how dare you asshole! (?)

Pedestrians (When angry)

  • Come on asshole
  • You want a piece of me?
  • You think I am a little sexbutt, huh?
  • Hey amigos! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!
  • I'll beat you insane
  • I'm a real killing machine!
  • Don't make me hurt you
  • Wow looks like this kid's going down.
  • You're a bitch
  • Come on then come on!
  • You're gonna be one of my burlap system!
  • Bring it on, you loser!
  • Ok then, let's go, let's go!
  • I'm on my lunch break.
  • You want a fist in your face?
  • Get your hand off my car (though player hits a typical pedestrian without a car, sometimes that pedestrian says this)
  • I was born to fight! (security guards)
  • Let's go you two digit midget!
  • You know what, seńor?
  • I can fight, I'm white trash.
  • Uh, hello
  • Alright, my apologies (and runs away)
  • I'll kill you American!

Pedestrians(When Vic aims them with gun)

  • Is that real?
  • OK, I was rude
  • Cowering like a bitch? Shoot!
  • I hope you don't kill me!
  • I ain't scared of that bullet
  • You'd better shoot fast!
  • Come on, I'll fix your toilet free!
  • Friendly fire! Stand down!
  • Want me to fix that for you?
  • Look me in the eye before you pull that trigger.
  • You better shoot fast.
  • A gun? Very nice.
  • My bird friends will get you!
  • Please sir, I am pregnant!
  • No! I wanna be a mother.

Pedestrians(When they see people killed by Vic)

  • Man, this town is crazy!
  • This town is full of bitches
  • He's gone, ya he's gone
  • This town is full of bitches, and wannabe bitches.


  • Come on 50 boy!
  • I'm gonna shoot you in the ass


  • Sharks, to me!
  • You wanna swim with the sharks?
  • You are messing with the sharks.
  • Sharks bite!
  • C'mon pip squad!


  • You can't kill me! I'm indestructible!
  • Show me you're the man.
  • Disrespectin' my familia? I'll hurt you!

Mendez Cartel

  • I see your face now, big man!
  • I'll knock your teeth out.
  • I'm doing this one for you!


  • Handicapped parking for you
  • Sticky turfs!
  • I think he's drunk
  • You'd better be American

Marty J. Williams

(the following are mentioned only during Marty's missions such as Shakedown and D.I.V.O.R.C.E.)

  • You, come on! (from D.I.V.O.R.C.E., after Marty bails out of his truck)
  • Quit pissing me off! (from Shakedown, when player randomly hits Marty)

Bryan Forbes

(only mentioned in Forbes' mission, The Bum Deal)

  • All right, bring it on you assholes, bring it on! (from The Bum Deal, after Forbes is knocked off his bike)

Grand Theft Auto IV

Taxi Drivers (when damaging their vehicles)

  • Stupid Malaka!
  • What the fuck are you doing to my car?!
  • What is this shit, my car!

Taxi Drivers (when their after you)

  • Holokrypa!
  • I'll beat your ass!
  • Ah shit!
  • Dana?
  • You're gonna die!
  • You think this is gonna get fucking fancy?
  • Fuck off!
  • Miyeto Yelezes!
  • Miti Moa siverie!
  • You got a real deal now!
  • I'm gonna kill you!
  • Don't make me beat your ass!
  • Wanna fight me or fuck me? bring it!
  • COME ON!
  • Ay, freak o!
  • Ah! So angry!
  • You think dis is gonna be easy, don't you?
  • Wipe you're ass!
  • I dont take your shit anymore!
  • Don't fake the funk!
  • Is this all you got?
  • I'm too fast for you!
  • Where you want it? Neck? Right...
  • To Hades with you, Malaka!
  • May Poseidon swallow you whole!
  • You think I'm a fucking pansy?!


  • Burgers! 40 percent Meat!
  • Why you always pick out the "Poenzoz"?
  • BURGERS! Fresh yesterday!
  • Who wants one? They're not great when they're cooked!
  • Hey! Delicious beef patty!
  • The best in Liberty City!
  • Burgers!
  • Come on! I washed my hands!
  • Who wants my meat?
  • Come on! They're not gonna throw themselves up!
  • Will somebody fucking buy something?
  • You motherfuckers think you're too good for these?
  • I killed these cows myself!
  • Only 40% face meat, guaranteed!
  • Come and bite this plump chihuahua meat!
  • My dogs is long and hot!
  • Slurp down my hot nuts!
  • Only 12 nuts for 7!
  • Hot nuts, baby!
  • Wanna feel shitty? Buy a newspaper!
  • President said something stupid, read all about it!
  • All of the news, only one day after the internet.
  • Hot dogs, free mustard!
  • Some of these are fresh, FRESH!

Vendors (when running into them)

  • Watch yourself
  • That hurt motherfucker!
  • I'm pumped!
  • Get the fuck off, bitch!

Vendors (when angry)

  • You're fast for a nobody eh?
  • Let's do this bitch!
  • You want this?
  • Tell me when you're ready!
  • Ever seen moves like this?

Vendors (when mean)

  • Vètecho porro!
  • Bottilala pingla!

Taxi Drivers (when you waste their time)

  • Get a move on!
  • Move it
  • Are you in? Move that piece of shit!
  • Where are you waiting for?... Christmas?

Taxi Driver (when running from officers)

  • You never take me officer!
  • Fuck the hell off.

Holland Pedestrian

  • Yo, this your boy from Bohan, what's poppin'?
  • Yo man! I take damn people over streets son!
  • What the fuck you want?
  • Pull back you wierdo!
  • Get outta ma face son!
  • Motherfucka!
  • You better pull back before I fuck some butts!
  • Fuck outta here man!
  • YO, fuck!
  • Pull back watch ya yo!
  • Dats Russian ass daddy!
  • Yo what you do here?

Holland pedestrians (when attacking you)

  • I'm gonna piss in ya mouth!
  • Motherfucking damn son!
  • You're motherfucking face is not gonna roll me!
  • I'll drop you son! South Bohan style!

Russian pedestrians (when in traffic)

  • Move or I'll fucking break something!
  • I'll rip your heart out!
  • There's always so much traffic in this fucking city!

Pedestrians (when witnessing an explosion)

  • They are not going to believe this shit!
  • Oh, Jesus!
  • Yo, that's freakin' insane, man!
  • Finally, some action in this town!
  • Not good, not good, not good!
  • Damn, son! That's straight out of a movie!
  • I wish I felt sorry, but I don't.
  • Please don't be dead. Please don't be dead...
  • Aw, this is gonna be gross!
  • I'm not the only one seeing this shit, right?
  • No freakin' way!
  • Oh, that's gotta hurt!
  • Wow!
  • I wanna move back to San Andreas! Oh, man...
  • Christ! What the hell?
  • Are we gonna die?
  • Crap! What was that?
  • Someone pinch me, 'cause I wanna wake up!
  • That's the crack, my dude.
  • Did anybody see that?
  • Shit a brick! What was that?
  • Call the media!
  • I'm never getting stoned again!

Drivers (when in a collision)

  • Fuck, fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck!
  • Give me my money now!
  • You better have insurance!
  • What is this shit?! My car!
  • NO!! This is my mother's car!
  • Oh, no! This my first figgin' car!
  • How the hell did you hit my car?!
  • My car!
  • You stupid freak!
  • What's happening? Like...what's happening?
  • What d'you think this is, bumper cars or something?


  • Wanker!
  • Idiot!
  • Ass-pendeck.
  • Pinhead Dipshit!
  • Stop touching me!
  • This is terrorism at all!
  • Too many gorillas!
  • I don't have any bananas!
  • The cause is gonna strip you naked!
  • More drama for yo' mama!
  • Ghhmmp! That hurt.
  • I'll sue your ass!
  • Watch it!
  • We're being invaded!
  • What the fuck is going on?
  • The aliens are getting bold with their attacks!
  • Psst, Reptillians are taking over, pass it on!
  • Mommy, I'm so sorry for killing you, Mommy!
  • Can't you see I'm urinating here?
  • Oh no! They done killed another true seeker!
  • Call air support!
  • You see? Reptillian Death-Ray! Gotta be!
  • Ya'll aliens only want my sperm!
  • Cheesy vaginas!

Hobo (attacking you)

  • You'll be nice and cool, soon!
  • Hoho! Asswiping time!
  • I'm in a fuckin' zone!
  • Yeah! Come on shitpunky!
  • I'm gonna hang you up!
  • Well! Fuck all squared!
  • Hey! you fuckhead! You ready, eh?
  • Yeah! I'm a pissnick!
  • I'll eat you alive toadrag!
  • You ain't stealing no more sperm from me, alien!
  • That's it, mommy, I'm whooping you back to the grave!
  • It's time I stood up to you reptillians!
  • You're gonna be laying my eggs!

Police Chasing/Attacking You

  • This the LCPD! One move and you are a dead man, you hear?
  • I need permission to blow his head of!
  • I have confirmation on chicken shit.
  • Hello, uh... LPCD! Right?
  • Freeze! This is the LCPD!
  • LCPD! Get on the ground! Place your hands behind your head!
  • Do you think you can run from a chopper?
  • One squeeze, and you're wearing your balls for earrings.
  • Guess who's gonna get shot in the face?
  • LCPD, son! Don't you run, now!
  • Fuck! You're gonna make me run, aren't you?
  • That's right, son! You gettin' dropped!
  • Don't make me come after you!
  • I will pursue on foot!
  • Pursuing on foot!
  • I have a visual on the asshole.
  • Everyone hit the deck!
  • Everybody eat dirt!
  • I'm gonna shoot!
  • I'll shoot your tits off!
  • You're dead, buck-o!
  • Lay down, cabron!
  • You're mine, asswipe!
  • You're surrounded! Right here, right now!
  • You're dead, and you don't even know it yet.
  • I'm still gonna get ya!
  • You don't think you're going to escape from a whole group of cops, do you?
  • You sorry son of a bitch!
  • I smell the stink of guilt.
  • Hey where are you going?!.....hello?!
  • This ends now!
  • Everyone get down and stay down until I say it's okay to get up.
  • Charge!
  • I'll shit in your mouth
  • LCPD people, get off the street!
  • Get of the street everyone!
  • Get out of the car now!
  • You can run, but you can't hide!
  • I've got a head-shot!
  • ¡Oye puta, te veo!
  • Human waste, dead ahead!
  • This is the LCPD, dont move!
  • Where you think ya gonna go, huh?
  • Shit, why do they have to run?
  • What is it with these people, escaping on foot all the time?
  • Get down numb-nuts!
  • I could get that shit stain myself
  • I got ya now dickweed!
  • Cover my ass!
  • Requesting NOOSE Team! (4+ Wanted)
  • Requesting NOOSE Team, now! (4+ Wanted)
  • Call the NOOSE! (4+ Wanted)

Police (when arresting the player or NPC)

  • You know carrying a weapon in this town, is a felony!
  • What are these, stolen credit cards huh?
  • That's another to add to the list of your crimes!

Niko Bellic (When being chased by police)

  • Come on, gimme a break!
  • I would hate to be your mother!
  • You are really right to hate yourself

Perseus guard

  • I know you just were a problem.
  • Aha! Just like jail!
  • Goddamn bang!
  • Im gonna lay you out!
  • Fuck outta here.
  • Oh shit!
  • You're gonna pay!
  • I'll bust your fucking head!
  • You're gonna get fucked up!
  • Yo man, what the fuck you want?
  • Get back, son!
  • Yo, put that shit away, yo!
  • Use it, or drop that shit!

Niko ( when carjacking a car)

  • You dont want this to get ugly man
  • Dont get to excited its just a Robbery
  • stay cold!
  • i need this!
  • Forgive me my friend
  • You! lady out of the car
  • You're getting jacked, stay cold
  • I need you'r car man
  • Exactly lady this isnt you'r day
  • Forgive me lady
  • Come on! Quick get out of there
  • Dont try to be a though guy
  • I'm robbing you dont make me kill you.