Pedestrian Dialogue in GTA Liberty City Stories

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  • No insurance? Here, take an aspirin.
  • Check his wallet.


When shooting

  • Aim for his head!
  • Aim for his spine!
  • Aim for his nuts!
  • Aim for his rectum!
  • No judge no jury!
  • It's the justice!
  • I'm opening fire!
  • I ain't asking for it again!
  • This is going to end right now!

When punching

  • Check it I'm tougher than you.
  • Think you can beat me?
  • You'll wake up in a cell!
  • You wanna rock huh?
  • You want some nightstick?


  • Use your damn eye.
  • Have respect for the law!
  • Hey! I'm gonna crucify you!

Toni blocks the way of a Cruiser

  • Don't make me arrest ya pal


  • Opening fire! Opening fire!
  • You were asking for it!

Police Helicopter

  • LCPD!
  • This is LCPD!
  • Hold it right there!
  • Your momma ain't gonna save your ass now!
  • You just got my buddy! GAAH!
  • You are a sitting duck buddy! QUACK! QUACK! (means to indicate that the player cannot get a helicopter in any ways)
  • Running a marathon, buddy? STAY DOWN!
  • I got this person in my sight!
  • See me up here! I ain't smiling tough guy!
  • Says something about Toni in the movie 'The Mainframe'.

Leone Family

random dialog

  • Hey, family's family. You know?
  • What? Do I amuse you?
  • You ever tried the sausages at ?
  • Italian-American stereotypes, you know?


  • You'd better learn some respect there, junior.
  • Eh! Watch the shoes here!
  • That's an Italian suit, okay?


  • I'm going to shoot you on sight!
  • I'll show you what it is to be fucking with the Leone!
  • Now you know what it means to fuck with the Leones!

Sindacco Family

random dialog

  • The boss ain't too happy.
  • Gotta get a place ready for the shylock.
  • The Forellis have gone too fuckin' far this time.
  • My hairstyle is 60% grease.
  • Hey, my mama says I got an Oedipus complex.


  • Big mistake!
  • Back off!
  • You got a problem?
  • I'll remember your face.


  • Wanna dance, pretty boy?
  • Black and blue!
  • I'm gonna rip your fuckin' head off.

Forelli Family

random dialog

  • He talks like he's got a mouthful of marbles.
  • Boss'll be a killer like his dad when he grows up.
  • Kids today got no discipline.
  • Now, I'm a decent guy.
  • When I lose my temper, heads roll. Got it?


  • Do I know you?
  • Show a little respect, huh?
  • Your mother would be ashamed.
  • What is this, a sidewalk, now?
  • Whose town do you think this is?


  • You are dealing with the real gang!
  • You're messing with a real gangster now!


random dialog

  • Crazy fool, Mafia.
  • Crazy Mafia, chicken-brains.
  • Kill me some Mafia and take their ears.


  • Look where you're going!
  • You watch it, dumbass!
  • Careful!

Triad fires at Toni

  • Shut up
  • You want a split skull?
  • I'll dice yo' face!
  • You wanna dance? Huh?

Toni tries to run down Triad

  • Watch it!
  • You Crazy!
  • Oh Hell No!
  • Crazy Idiot!
  • You Idiot!


jumping away from car

  • Wa, Goregore (=What the hell)


  • Don insurlt (insult) me!

Toni blocks the road

  • You move out the way now.


random dialog

  • I had a mansion in Vice City.
  • I'm the daddy now.
  • Do I sound like a stereotype to you?
  • Oh man, I got the best llello.
  • It's all there. Good for makin' babies.


  • Cuidado, man!
  • Oye! Watch those shoes, man!
  • You pushing the big man, ah?
  • You got big cojones!


  • You attacking the big man, eh?
  • You disrespecting me, amigo?
  • Oh this is how it's gonna go down, huh?

Southside Hoods


  • Stand outta my fucking way!

Random dialogue

  • I got some rage!
  • I can go hours without a hit, man!
  • I ain't afraid of noone, apart from myself.

Pulling Toni out of his car

  • Get out of there, bitch.

Firing at Toni

  • You a tough guy, huh?

Uptown Yardies

Yardies fire at Toni

  • You want some of this?

Toni rams a Yardie Lobo

  • What are you doing!

Random dialogue between Pedestrians

  • It's good that I don't have to be angry these days.
  • I gotta get over this guilty feeling.
  • I made a commitment to myself.
  • I can't believe he dumped me.
  • Men: all worthless dogs.
  • Eat more meat.
  • I gotta keep my blood pressure down.
  • There's a Burger Shot 'round here, someplace.
  • Why am I always so hungry?
  • Screw this internet thing.
  • My laptop weighs a ton.
  • Who needs men when you have money?
  • I don't have time for these small-potato deals.
  • I wish I were rich.
  • I-wanna-be-rich-dot-com.
  • Gotta take this whole town online.
  • I mean, this is the new economy!
  • The ferry situation is not getting any better.
  • Yeah, yeah.
  • Can I borrow 2 dollars?
  • When I retire, it will be sun, sun, sun.
  • Shit weather will be a thing of the past!
  • And it's off to Vice city.
  • 2 bucks is all I need.
  • Hey my wallet is empty.
  • My pimpmobile gettin' new rims!
  • Believe it, receive it, achieve it.
  • Bitch, I'm doin' me.
  • I knew I shoulda wore pink.
  • I should go back to strippin'.
  • I'm puttin' my coochie on the internet.
  • I can't believe she left me after 27 years.
  • What's the giggle guy got that I don't?
  • Manila, or Bangkok?
  • I'm a perfectly healthy weight for my size.
  • All these damn illegal immigrants!
  • Get off welfare and get a job!
  • This town has turned into a shithole.
  • Have you ever seen crappier weather?
  • My wife wants me to dump my porn collection.
  • Is there a good porn shop around here?
  • My heart can't take it much longer.
  • I guess I can diddle myself.
  • I never sucked him off.
  • It's tough being an addict, man.
  • I let 'em touch me for money.

Pedestrian (pushed)

  • Stop breaking my balls!
  • Don't push me, will ya?
  • Get the fuck outta my way!
  • Ow! My heart!
  • Get out of my damn way!
  • Pushing is an insult.
  • Just try and take my wallet.
  • Watch for pickpockets, son.
  • I got quick fingers, yo!
  • Fuckin' caught 'cause of y'all?
  • You're rude.
  • Hey that felt kinda nice.
  • Well hello there, handsome!
  • That was no accident, handsome!
  • All you fools will work for me.
  • Don't touch me dirtbag.
  • Get off!
  • 'Scuse me
  • Hello
  • Hey get off the streets, get online.
  • Come on, boo, don't grab!
  • I don't do the S&M shit.
  • No finance, no romance.
  • Careful.
  • Manners please.
  • Watch where ya goin.
  • C'mon pal, I don't wanna suck you!
  • Just ignore me, I'll probably be dead soon.
  • Don't worry, I'll bury myself.
  • Gonna put my hip out of place.
  • You're slackin', I'm mackin'.
  • Don't hate, congratulate, playa!
  • Hey! I'm gonna throw up my lunch!
  • I bruise easily.
  • You got something in yo' eye?
  • I need just a little more room.
  • Where have you been all my life?
  • Shit! That was my aorta.
  • My left ventricle!

Pedestrian (attacking)

  • Tough man, you're toast.
  • Know your friend's gonna beat on you.
  • You are beating on women, huh?
  • You won't hit a man with a heart condition, would you?
  • Don't hit me hard, I've a bad heart!
  • Your aorta is toast!
  • I'm gonna kick your trick-ass.
  • A bitch can defend herself.
  • I'm a pimp, not a bitch, bitch!
  • You think I can't still mix it up?
  • I'm an ex-Marine, dickhead.
  • I'm gonna cream you asshole.
  • You think I'm scared pal?
  • Imma knock your ass out!
  • You ruined my day!
  • You gonna fight huh?
  • I'm gonna beat you up!
  • Imma hit you with my laptop.
  • I'm not as cute, but I have hard nails.
  • I can be even more rough in the sack, you know.
  • Let's make love, not war.
  • Pull my hair! Pull my hair!
  • You don't scare me!
  • You chauvinist pig!
  • Dick!
  • I'm gonna rip out your spine!
  • You're a barbarian!
  • C'mon, loser!
  • You would hit a girl.
  • What do you think, I'm afraid of you?

Pedestrian (when Toni aims gun at them)

  • Please! I have a heart infection!
  • Gimme a break, I'm just a chump.
  • Guns? So bold and common.
  • I got no one to care of me anyway.
  • Police! I've been assaulted!
  • I'm nearly rich, don't kill me now!
  • Hey, I should sell guns on the internet!
  • Come on man, please don't!
  • I got a bigger gun than that.

Pedestrian (jumping away from car)

  • You tried to kill me!
  • Hey!
  • Easy man! I'm over here!
  • Woah!
  • Learn how to drive!
  • Crazy idiot!
  • Hey, watch it man!
  • Keep your eyes open!
  • Crazy fool!
  • Oh my God!
  • Oh, help!
  • Look out!
  • Trying to kill an old lady!
  • Are you insane?
  • That's bullshit yo!
  • Damn son!
  • Ah you tried to kill me!
  • Holy moley!
  • Psycho!
  • Infamy!
  • You almost cracked my pelvis!
  • Holy crap!
  • Oh my heart!
  • Oh my intestine!
  • Watch it!
  • I'm just tryin' to work here, honey.
  • The bitch's tryin to love!
  • That's fourth this week!
  • Son of a bitch!
  • Excuse you!
  • Careful!
  • Hey watch it!

Pedestrian (seeing a corpse)

  • Oh, hell, what a mess!
  • I'am gonna lose my lunch.
  • Another one bites the dust.
  • Oh it's nothin!
  • Jumping Jehosephat!

Drivers (when Toni blocks road)

  • Hurry up! I'm late for a swinging party.
  • I'm tryin' to cruise for pussy here!
  • Come on, get out of the way.
  • Come on, move it!
  • Come on, I'm waiting for my marriage guidance!
  • Come on, man, let's go!
  • Move! I'm late for a meeting!
  • Don't make me lose my shit pal!
  • Oh lord!
  • Move it!
  • Move it Welfare boy!
  • Move! I'm late for the show.
  • Move dickhead move!
  • I got a date with a cheese deluxe!
  • I have a going massage in 5 minutes!
  • I'm gonna overheat my engine!
  • I'm jonesin' for a rock over here.

Drivers (When Toni jacks car)

  • What?! What?!
  • My Pornos are in there!
  • Take it, take the car!
  • That's my dad's car!
  • Help! Police!
  • Get off!
  • Oh no I'm having a heart attack! Get away!
  • My corporate car!
  • This is my car!
  • Don't grope me I'm a man!

Drivers (When Toni rams into car)

  • My Car!
  • Oh lord!
  • It's a company car!(?)
  • What, man!
  • Oh! I had an accident!
  • My corporate car.
  • Asshole.
  • First my friend and now my car?
  • You moron you hit me.
  • You moron.
  • Ah, not again!
  • You wrecked my ride!

Toni (as crashing into a random car)

  • Is it gonna be any worse?
  • Sorry about that.

Toni (as he jacks cars)

  • Out! Before I shoot you!

Toni (as he aims people with his gun)

  • Feelin' scared, huh?
  • Don't try to mess with me.
  • You want some of this?
  • LCPD Morons!
  • Now stay away from me.
  • Look, I'm armed.
  • You should be running away.
  • Want a bullet in your face?
  • Shouldn't play tough pal.

Toni (when he is arrested)

  • Let me go, officer!

Avenging Angels

As they join Toni on Avenging Angels missions

  • Kickin ass rocks!
  • We're the law in this town!
  • I'm your man!


  • I'm the law!
  • Looking for trouble?
  • Get a close look. I empower you!
  • That's assault!