Pedestrian Dialogue in GTA San Andreas

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Ammunation Clerk

Big Smoke

  • Damn, fool!
  • Ah, look out.
  • Watch where you're goin', moron!
  • Excuse me.

Carl Johnson

Well Stacked Company Clerk

Cluckin' Bell Clerk

Burger Shot Clerk

Female Clothing Shop Clerk

Male Clothing Shop Clerk

Los Santos Boxing Trainer

  • Yo, you wanna see some new moves?
  • Man you're an embarassment! Get yourself some muscles first!
  • Fine man, but the streets are mean dude!
  • Alright, but I'll know you'll be back!
  • Wanna go on a round with me?
  • You charge at him and batter your opponent!
  • (to the boxers) That's right, keep breathing!
  • Don't give the opponent the time to recover.

San Fierro Kung Fu Master

  • So, you wish to become a warrior!
  • You are weak like flat weed! Get yourself some strength!
  • Observe with the eyes young student and you will learn!
  • The warrior's path shall bring you back!
  • Would you like to spar with your master?

Las Venturas Streetfighting Teacher

  • You want to see some new moves?
  • Come back if you change your mind, man!
  • Alright man, pay attention!
  • Want to have another round with me?

Indian pedestrian

  • (farts) My ass is stinking!
  • Shit cock bastard head!
  • Smell my fingers!
  • You fucking shitface!
  • Aeyyy!
  • I kill you!
  • Dumb bastard!
  • You shit!
  • I'll get you!
  • Take this, you dick!
  • You want some of this?
  • I studied martial arts in Kathmandu!


  • Place your bets!
  • Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!
  • An offer of credit has been made, Sir.
  • The house is prepared to offer you credit, Sir.
  • The house regonizes _ credit rating.
  • Sorry, Sir, you don't have enough funds.
  • No more bets, please!
  • No more bets, ladies and gentlemen, please.
  • No more bets, people.
  • You win!
  • You win, Sir, well done.
  • Congratulations, Sir.
  • Thank you, Sir, have a nice day.
  • Thank you for playing, Sir.
  • Jackpot!
  • Another win for Sir!
  • Blackjack!
  • Blackjack! House Exclusive!


Police Boat

Countryside Police

Police Helicopter

Motorcycle Police

Los Santos Police