Pete Vance

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Pete Vance is the third Vance brother. Who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories though He does not have a part in the game, but is mentioned at the start by Victor and mentioned later by name by Lance. Pete suffers from asthma and Victor joined the army so he can get money for Pete's medicine. Several rumors are now tied to Pete in the GTA fan community. In the opening scene of Vice City, some fans believe that Pete was actually the Vance brother killed during the drug deal and Victor was not present at all. They point out that Victor does not have an accent (Victor in Vice City had a Latin accent), he swears off drug dealing forever at the end of Vice City Stories, and both he and Lance agree to leave town for a short while after the events of that game and "sit" on the drugs they have remaining, meaning that Lance and Pete may be the two Vance brothers that returned to Vice City. Lance also does not mention his dead brother's name to Tommy at any point during Vice City. Opponents of the rumor just say that Victor's appearance and voice in general were merely retconned, and Pete is not the Vance killed in Vice City. This would mean Victor would have been killed, something that has not happened to any other GTA protagonist.