Phnom Penh '86

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This mission will unlock the main sector of the city. The western half of Vice City. This mission will start with you in the doorway of a helicopter with Lance Vance piloting it. You will have a rifle with unlimited ammo. You will reach a small bungalow and start the action. Your health will not be affected when those henchmen attack you, but the heli's health will deplete. Before you are downed you have to go on shooting down those people. At the end, you are dropped off in front of a mansion and told that the money is on the terrace. You should now advisably use an auto-targetting weapon, especially a submachine gun and shoot down more people in the deserted mansion. Be carful, as they are everywhere - lurking in doorways, stairways, etc. You have to reach the easily accessible roof as soon as possible. Grab the money and Lance will take you back to where you started, Diaz's mansion. You now have access to the Escobar International Airport, Little Havana, Little Haiti, VCN building, Downtown, Hyman Memorial Stadium and many more hot places in the other side of Vice City that were never accessible before.