Phone 3

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Phone 3 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 given to The Protagonist by Robert Seragliano. The mission is available from the third Phone on the left in Park in Liberty City.


The Mission starts off with Bubby ordering the Protagonist to pick up a Tanker loaded with explosives on South Nixon Island, then the Protagonist the police Precinct in South No Law. when the Protagoinst gets there drive under the building and position it in the middle until the and you get told to escape before you get blown up.

When the Precinct has been bombed, the protagonist has to drive west down the main road to South East Hackenslash where Tommy is waiting to give you your cut from the Tanker job.

The Protagonist then is told to follow Sonetti's lawyer to where he meets his gang in East Hackenslash, then kill the lot of them.