Pike Creek

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Pike Creek is a business district located in the western part of Shoreside Vale, north of Francis International Airport, west of Cochrane Dam, and also the location for the Hospital and Police Station, Pay'n'Spray, 8-Ball's Bomb Shop. Pike Creek was controlled by the Yakuza in 1998, but is inhabited by the Columbian Cartel in 2001.

A road in the south-east part of Pike Creek borders over Wichita Gardens, and is erroneously named as such. This can make missions such as Firefighter and Paramedic difficult or impossible in some circumstances as the game thinks the two suburbs are physically located next to each other, and gives you a very short time span such as 30 seconds or 1 minute to get from one place to the other. Since there are only two roads (not counting a Unique Stunt jump) to the lower section, you may have to cancel a mission or simply fail it as there isn't enough time to drive down to Wichita Gardens, complete the mission and drive back to Pike Creek again.