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File:Pinnacle (GTA4) (front).jpg
A Pinnacle from GTA IV.

The Annis Pinnacle is a 4-door sedan in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The Pinnacle is based on the sixth generation Nissan Maxima. The back end looks similar to a Ford Five hundred; and the front end is also similar to a Ford Five Hundred with different shaped headlights. the area around the back license plate is arranged similarly to those on many older Infinitis and Mitsubishi's. The name could have come from the fact that a Pinnacle is the top of a mountain, therefore being the max height, relating to the name "Maxima".


The Pinnacle is powered by a 3.5L V6 but its engine sounds the same as the Feltzer, coupled to a 5 speed gearbox in a RWD layout. The engine pulls strongly, launching the vehicle off the line quickly and giving it an acceptable top speed. Braking is fair, often requiring great distances to come to a complete halt. ABS is not available on the Pinnacle. The suspension is firm, but due to its shallow maximum wheel angle, the Pinnacle cannot corner, even at slow speeds. Crash deformation is poor, causing the front tie rods to fail after only a few frontal impacts. Also due to its flimsy construction the engine is known to fail after only a few slight accidents.