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This page details the main points of the plot of Grand Theft Auto IV. For the entire plot, you must read each mission article separately.

The protagonist of GTA IV is Niko Bellic, an Eastern European. In the very first cutscene, Niko is with a friend on a ship, the Platypus, preparing to dock at Liberty City. After Niko's friend says that he would like to stay in Liberty city, and live the dream, Niko explains that his cousin, Roman Bellic, is already living the American dream.

When Niko meets Roman, it turns out that he isn't living the dream at all. In fact, he is at the bottom of what he calls the food chain. Roman insists that he will become rich some day, and all he need is one man, one good man. He believes that this man is Niko. It turns out that Niko has his own problems. Niko starts to tell his story, but Roman fall to sleep. All that Niko gets to say is, "During the war, we did some bad things, and bad things happened to us. War, is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other. And I was very young, and very angry. Maybe that is no excuse". He also says it was two things.

When Niko goes to meet Roman at his taxi depot, he meets Roman's girlfriend, Mallorie Bardas, and one of his loan sharks, Vladimir Glebov. Vlad seems to be interested in Mallorie. Vlad also hates Niko staring at him.

Niko runs a few erons for Roman while he settles into the city. This involves saving Roman from some loan sharks that are beating him up. The player learns that Niko had his own loan shark back in the old country. Rodislav Bulgarin, he had too many connections, Niko had to flee. It is one of the reasons that Niko came to Liberty City.

Niko picks up a friend of Roman's, named Little Jacob. He also picks up Mallorie and one of her friends, Michelle. Niko and Michelle go on a date. Niko takes her to the fun fair, but it is closed. They go bowling instead. On dates, Michelle won't tell anything about her life, or past, and Niko can't tell her about his criminal life either. Michelle says she's new in Liberty City, yet she seems to know alot about the place.

Niko ends up doing work for Vlad, as a way for Roman to pay off his debt. Vlad calls Niko a peasant, and treats him like one. He also has alot of suspicious calls to Mallorie.

Eventually, Roman begins to expect that Mallorie is cheating with Vlad. When he finds out that Niko already had his suspicions, he is angry, and questions Niko's loyalty. Niko proves his loyalty by killing Vlad, right in front of Roman.

After killing Vlad, Niko tells Roman the second of the two reasons that he is in Liberty City. In the war, his unit, of fifteen people was ambushed. It was a setup, for money. Someone from the unit gave them up. 12 died, three survived. Niko knows that he is not the betrayer; he has spent the past ten years looking for the other two. Florian Cravick, and Darko Brevic. One of them lives in Liberty City.

Niko and Roman need money. Niko ends up working for two of Roman's friends, Little Jacob, and Brucie Kibbutz. He develops good friendships with both.

Vlad's boss, Mikhail Faustin is angry that Niko killed Vlad. He has his men kidnap Niko and Roman. Faustin asks Niko if he thinks its okay to kill his employees. Niko replies, "If he's an a**hole, then yes". Faustin agrees, and says that he only kept Vlad around for his sister. Faustin decides that Niko has to work for him, to make it up to him.

Faustin is on drugs, and drinks. His best friend, Dimitri Rascalov can't talk any sense into him. He has Niko kill many people, including Kenny Petrovic, the son of a very powerful person. Dimitri invites Niko to talk about something.

There is only one way to get the Petovic's off their backs. Faustin must die. Dimitri cannot run because he says no matter where you go, people will find you. Niko says, "well I killed to boy, so they want me too". Dimitri says that he told Petrovic that Niko was a hired gun, that he would be spared, if he was the one to kill Faustin. Niko kills Faustin, then goes to meet with Dimitri to collect his money. Little Jacob comes along, because Dimitri is suspicious. the meet is in a warehouse, and Dimitri said come alone. Jacob waits outside.

Dimitri is working with Rodislav Bulgarin, the loan shark that Niko told Roman about earlier. The killing of Faustin was a set up so that Dimitri could take over the Faustin Family. Dimitri gives the killing of Niko to Bulgarin for free, as a show of loyalty. There are many people in the warehouse, Jacob comes in just as the roller door closes, and they fight their way out, but don't get Dimitri or Bulgarin.

Niko goes to pick up Roman and tell him about the situation. Roman says that they should move to Bohan, to keep cool. They go to their apartment to collect some stuff, it and the taxi depot are burnt down. A later call from Dimitri reveals that he did it. Roman had an engagement ring inside the apartment. Now he can never marry Mallorie.

Mallorie has a place for them to stay in Bohan, as well as some friends that Niko can work for. Manny Escuela and Elizabeta Torres. Niko and Roman get ready to start their new life.

Niko does errons for both Manny, and Elizabeta. Elizabeta introduces Niko to alot of people, including Packie McReary, Johnny Klebitz and Playboy X. Manny introduces him to a crooked police officer, Francis McReary. In one mission Niko must retrieve some cocaine for Elizabeta, that some friends of Little Jacob's stole.

After retrieving the cocaine, it is confiscated by Michelle. Michelle has been working for the government, and her real name is Karen. Niko has to work for the same organisation as Michelle, or his file will be handed over to the FIB and he will go to jail. The organisation is actually crooked. Niko does alot of work for them, and the contact says that he might help Niko find the man he's looking for.

Roman is kidnapped by Dimitri in an effort to find Niko. Niko saves him, then Roman forces Niko to forget about Dimitri. Niko agrees, as long as he can have Florian and Darko. Roman buys a new luxury apartment in Algonquin.

Niko also ends up working for Francis McReary, and Playboy X. Playboy introduces Niko to Dwayne Forge, and the player eventually has a choice to kill Playboy, or Dwayne. Niko also works for, and builds a good friendship with Packie McReary. That also stems out to his brothers, Gerald McReary and Derrick McReary, as well as a relationship with their sister, Kate McReary. Eventually, Francis finds out that Derrick is back in town. He knows that derrick knows his secrets (being a crooked cop) and is in danger. The player gets a choice, kill Francis, or Derrick.

Packie introduces Niko to Ray Boccino. Niko does alot of errons for Ray, who doesn't pay very well. Eventually Niko threatens to leave if Ray doesn't help find the man that Niko is looking for. Ray agrees to help, he finds a man that knows Florian. Niko threatens the man to lead him back to Florian, when he gets inside it turns out that Florian was not the one who betrayed them. He came to Liberty city and changed his name to Bernie Crane.

As Crane was not the betrayer, the search continues. Niko eventually end up working for Bernie, who Dimitri is blackmailing. Niko also ends up working for Phil Bell, an associate of Ray's, and their boss, Jimmy Pegorino. Niko does alot of work for the Pegorino Family. Mostly about building the Pegorino name.

Niko gets a call from Mallorie, Roman proposed. He also told her that he was the one who killed Vlad.

Eventually Niko gets a call from the contact of that crooked organisation that Michelle (or "Karen") works for. He has a friend. Jon Gravelli is the leader of the Gambetti Family. He can help Niko find Darko, if Niko does some work for him. Niko does alot of work for Gravelli. After a few missions, Niko gets a call. Darko has been brought into Liberty City.

Niko and Roman go to the airport. A van drives past and drops Darko out the back, and then it drives off. Niko finds out that Darko set them up for only $1000. Darko is a drug addict who has had a very bad life. He says thank you to Niko for killing him. The player gets a choice. If the player kills Darko, Niko puts 12 bullets into him, one for each friend who died, and then he leaves not feeling any better. If the player spares him, Niko feels better, knowing that living was the best punishment for Darko.

From this point forward the game goes into ending mode. The missions are played out each started by a phone call. There are two dramatically different endings, which one is played is decided by an upcoming decision. It is recommended to save on a new file so that you can easily go back and see the other ending. For details on the lead up of the choice starting with Darko's death/spare), as well as details of both endings, see here.