Plumbers Skyway

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The Plumbers Skyway is the only major freeway in Alderney in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is elevated at a great height from its Boyden Ave entrance to it's western Acter portion. It nearly circles and encompasses residential southern Alderney. It begins immediately after the Hickey Bridge and circles Alderney, ending at the intersection of Asahara Avenue and Boyden Avenue. Other than an intersection at Rand Avenue just after the Hickey Bridge, the Skyway has 5 exits and the longest highway in the game. The first exit, only accessible from the Outer Loop, leads to Manzano Road in Leftwood. The next exit, only accessible from the Inner Loop, intersects Aspdin Drive in Berchem. The following exit is to Western Tudor, with no return access to the Skyway. The next exit, exit-only from the Outer Loop and entrance-only to the Inner Loop, is at Praetorian Avenue in Acter Industrial Park. The last exit, exit-only from the Inner Loop and entrance-only to the Outer Loop, is in Eastern Tudor, near Normandy and Port Tudor.