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The Police Car is an emergency services vehicle used by police officers. The cars begin to chase the protagonist of each Grand Theft Auto game when they have received either a police head or wanted star. In Grand Theft Auto 2, it's the only car in the game which gives a Cop Bribe when crushed.

As a collector's note, activate the "Black Traffic" cheat to make the Police Car all black. This causes the car to look somewhat like an unmarked patrol car.

Throughout all GTA III era games, it is very fast with excellent handling and is used to catch up to criminals and shoot them on sight, rather than arresting them. It has two sirens, one default "long-whirl" and with the horn button held down, the "rotating-weep". Its durability, however, isn't very high. By getting in the Police Car, the player will receive 5 ammunition rounds of Shotgun.

In GTA IV, there are two similar but separate police cars - the Police Patrol and Police Cruiser. The player can get in any police car and access the in-car computer while stationary. Here, the player can look at the most wanted lists and then track down criminals. The siren on the Police Car features some variations, including the classic wail, the yelp when the siren is activated and the horn button is held down, and with the siren turned off and the horn button held down, the air horn. While the car is not in "code-3 siren" mode, the Police Car has a distorted "crowd control" air horn, used in real life, that when used, signals for people to vacate the area. The player can dial 911 to summon the police car either by requiring assistance, or by luring them into a false alarm. By stealing the cop car (whilst the officer searches for any incidents), a one wanted star level will appear and cops will give chase, and it will be easy to evade them, as long as the player doesn't get chased by cops for an extended period of time. In some places, a cop car can be stolen from a parking lot or curbside without incurring a wanted level; however, there is a slight chance that a cop is asleep in the back seat (he may ask for a donut on awakening).

LCPD Cruisers and Patrol Cars


Police cars will be found randomly throughout each city, and are often locked.

Liberty City (GTA III)

Vice City

San Andreas


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