Police Maverick

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The Police Maverick is the police version of the normal Maverick helicopter. It has been featured on all the GTA3 era games; however being not available to the player in Liberty City because, it is considered a static object. On Liberty City Stories it is also not available in a normal game, but can be obtained by a third party trainer program. It is available on Vice City, and San Andreas and is usually always parked on the roof of the main Police Station of the city. It functions the exact same way as the normal Maverick. The only differences are the Police Markings. When flied by the police units once the player obtains a 3-star wanted level, the helicopter can drop SWAT units on ropes, and also has an "invisible" machine gun on the fuselage that will shoot at the player. All these mentioned features do not exist when the player flies this helicopter

Special Features

The San Andreas Police Maverick has a powerful searchlight that can be activated by the police and the player.