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File:Pony (GTA3) (front).jpg
The Pony, as depicted in GTA III.

The Pony is a goods van that made its first appearance in Grand Theft Auto III and went on to feature in all of the following games of the GTA III Era (except Grand Theft Auto Advance), and Grand Theft Auto IV.

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The Pony is a medium sized van capable of carrying four passengers (two in the front, two in the back). The vehicle has reasonable speed for what it is, but it's handling suffers from it's very stiff suspension setup which makes the vehicle unstable on bumpy roads. It can be found driving around the industrial areas of the cities in which it appears. Special modified versions of the Pony also appear in some games, for instance, in GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories there is the Panlantic and the TOYZ. Another variant, the Top Fun, is featured in GTA Vice City. The GTA San Andreas rendition, on the other hand, has constantly featured a speaker system and turntables in its cargo compartment, which purpose is only revealed during "Life's a Beach", when a Pony is used as a sound system for a beach party; the mission's particular Pony also sports off-road tires, a unique trait, considering the Pony cannot be modified at TransFender. Despite the pony having it's music system it is still able to carry four people.

The GTA IV version manufactured by Brute. It looks similar to the Burrito. The front is rather similar to a 1997-2002 GMC Savana, and it resembles a 1986-1993 Dodge Ram Van from the sides and back, except it has taller tail lights and the side rear-view mirrors look closer to more modern vans like the 1996–present Chevy Express/GMC Savana.

The GTA IV Pony can rarely be spotted, however it does spawn parked on Munsee Ave, near the Dillon St intersection in Downtown, Broker. It comes with various different company names including; Sum Yung Gai Chinese Restaurant, U-Benders Plumbing Services, Pizza This and Mr. Wong's Laundrette.

Naming confusion

There is some confusion over the differences between the two vans - the Pony and the Rumpo - as the vehicles that appear under those names in GTA III are renamed in GTA Vice City. In GTA III, the Rumpo looks almost identical to the van known as the Burrito in subsequent games, while the GTA III Pony is a larger van with an enlarged roof. In GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, however, the Pony was redesigned with a lower roof, and this (now separate) tall-roof design was renamed the Rumpo, while the van known as the Rumpo in GTA III was given an entirely new name, Burrito.

Bumper glitch

The GTA Vice City rendition of the Pony features a cosmetic glitch in which any Pony that enters a Pay 'n' Spray will emerge with its front bumper facing the opposite direction, towards the rear. The problem can be remedied by simply parking the vehicle in a garage and closings its door, restoring the bumper's alignment. The problem is also present on GTA Vice City's Rumpo.



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  • In GTA IV, the default radio station in the Pony is The Vibe 98.8.


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