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Power St is a street in Los Santos, which runs from Strawberry in the south to Downtown Vinewood in the north, running through Pillbox Hill and Alta. The road has connections to Adam's Apple Blvd, Alta St, Baytree Canyon Ave, Clinton Ave, Hawick Ave, Innocence Blvd, Integrity Way, Low Power St, Occupation Ave, South Power St, Spanish Ave, Vespucci Blvd and Vinewood Blvd. The street goes over the Del Perro Freeway. The street is controlled by The Families around in Strawberry.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist of GTA Online returns a number of repossessed vehicles to Premium Deluxe Motorsport, as do Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis during the mission Franklin and Lamar. A window at the dealership is later destroyed by Franklin while being held at gunpoint by Michael De Santa during Complications, which later opens up a random encounter allowing the player to kill the dealerships owner Simeon Yetarian. Mrs. Thornhill and Nigel, after receiving help from Trevor Philips, later hold film star Al Di Napoli against his will in an unused building in an alleyway off Power St.

Franklin, Trevor and Michael De Santa, from the air, break into the IAA building to kidnap Ferdinand Kerimov from the IAA for the FIB. Michael and Franklin, with two accomplices, perform a terrorist attack on the FIB building on orders from corrupt FIB agents Steve Haines and Dave Norton. Michael, Franklin and Trevor, with help from Lester Crest and two other accomplices, later steal a large quantity of gold from the Union Depository.




  • One letter piece (located on the top of a building under construction on a building site)
  • Parachute Jump (located on the top of a building under construction on a building site)