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PLR (Public Liberty Radio) is a public radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is a reference to National Public Radio, a radio network seen by many to harbor liberal viewpoints.

Program: The Séance

Host: Beatrix Fontaine (Ilyana Kadushin) Topics: A call-in talk show focused on New Age spiritualism. During the show, Beatrix, a phony psychic, provides callers with ridiculous advice, and constantly asks for their money. Beatrix's last name may be a reference to Darius Fontaine, a get-rich-quick huckster who appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Program: Pacemaker

Host: Ryan McFallon (Bryan Tucker) Topics: A talk show focused on health care. Host Ryan McFallon interviews a panel of three guests: Sheila Stafford, a spokeswoman for Beta Pharmaceuticals (who is said to have left a woman to die because Sheila feared the dying woman would sue), Wilson Taylor Sr. (portrayed by Bill Hader), a representative for an HMO, and Waylon Mason (portrayed by Rick Shapiro), an advocate of holistic medicine and home remedies. The show ends with Mason drilling holes in the heads of the other two guests.

Program: Intelligent Agenda

Host: Mike Riley Topics: A left-wing call-in talk show. Host Mike Riley (played by Brian Sack) interviews a panel of three guests: Brandon Roberts, a Vinewood actor who associates himself with left-wing causes only to enhance his own image, John Hunter, a candidate for state governor, and Zachary Tyler, a child prodigy who was brought onto the show as an example of liberal parenting, but is in fact an elitist. The show ends with John Hunter spanking Zachary Tyler, and Zachary pleading 'No! Please no!'