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Pump-Action Pimp is the fifth mission of Grand Theft Auto III, and serves as another mission for Luigi Goterelli. The mission is the first storyline confrontation with Diablo gang members. Claude and Luigi Goterelli both feature in the mission.


The mission begins with Claude dropping by Luigi's Sex Club 7 for more work from Luigi. Luigi informs Claude of two Diablos who have been pimping girls on his patch. Luigi sends Claude to kill the two Diablos, who are driving round Portland Island.

The player then gets control of Claude outside of Luigi's. After entering a vehicle, Claude begins to chase the Diablo Stallion. After driving into the Diablo Stallion, the men in the car begin to chase Claude. Eventually they get out of the car, with shotguns and begin to shoot Claude. After the pimps have been killed, the mission is completed.


Luigi Goterelli: Some Diablo scumbag has been pimping his skuzzy bitches in my backyard. Go and take care of things for me. If you need a piece go around the back of Ammu-Nation opposite the subway.


The reward for completion of Pump-Action Pimp is $4,000, the opening of The Fuzz Ball mission and the pistol becomes available for purchase at Portland Islands' Ammu-Nation].

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