Push-Up - The Movie

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Push Up - The Movie is a 1984 film starring Jack Howitzer as Bruno, a washed up former push-up champion whose son Timmy no longer respects him for letting a Tennis Coach take his mother, aswell as Bruno's current wife leaving him (though she later returns to his side, which Timmy claims is to "bag his dad for Coke money"). The film Bruno trains hard and gets back into shape to represent the United States competing against a large Russian who is representing the entire Collective System of Oppression (the Soviet Union) in a push-up contest held in Tokyo, China.

The trailer for the film is featured on various radio stations in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


  • This film seems to be a parody of the Sylvester Stallone Rocky IV (released in 1985). The main Soviet villain is even a caricature of Rocky's famous opponent Ivan Drago. The film also borrows elements from the film Over the Top (released in 1987), also starring Sylvester Stallone.
  • This is the only film starring Jack Howitzer outside of the Evacuator Trilogy to feature a trailer in a GTA game.