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File:Colt Python 01
The Colt Python

The Colt Python is the most accurate pistol and only revolver available on the Grand Theft Auto 3 era series of games. It also shares the record for being the most powerful pistol with the Desert Eagle. The Colt Python was first revealed in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and was available to the player in the West Island Ammu-Nation for $2000, and findable at several locations. Even though the price is $2000 (Compared to the M1911 at $200]], the pistol is excellent killing almost any target with a single shot. The gun cannot be fired while running and is fired from a Weaver position with both hands due to the heavy recoil of the .357 Magnum cartridge. It also has a moderate cylinder capacity of 6 shots, making it excellent against small groups. The Python is also available on Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has one with a light scope and an 8" barrel as opposed to the original 6".


  • Rockstar renamed the Colt Python to ".357" in the Haitian Friendly version of Vice City to avoid possible copyright and trademark infringements.