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An RC Tiger in GTA San Andreas.

The RC Tiger is a small remote controlled vehicle that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The RC Tiger is a model tank evidently fashioned after the real-world Tiger I tank used by the Germans during World War II; while seemingly using continuous tracks for propulsion, the RC Tiger actually uses a set of wheels hidden behind the static tracks; these features can be seen if it is accessed using a modification or driven on bumpy terrain. Because of its origins, the RC Tiger is the only vehicle in the game not to have a fictitious name. Its performance is actually similar to that of the RC Bandit, with a low speed but responsive controls.

The RC Tiger is not actually available to the player outside a mission for Zero, where it is used by the player's opponent, Berkley, on a model battlefield. Players would have to resort to mods to access the vehicle.


  • The RC Tiger has a very unique engine noise that actually sounds like a tank.
  • The RC Tiger is modelled after the dropped Porsche prototype of the Tiger I tank instead of the actual production model used in the war.

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