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Biker Race or Race is a multiplayer mode for GTA IV DLC The Lost and Damned. It is almost exactly the same as the races available in single player, with a few key changes.


The standard controls are the same, with X and B assigned to left and right attacks respectively. However, power attacks no longer instantly knock your opponent off their bike - but still knocks them off course, taking out a chunk of their health in the process.

It still is possible to kill other players, scoring $100 per head, but it takes three strong blows to dismount a rival biker. At a pinch, it's best to wait for a player to get hit twice, then sneak in a deliver the killing blow at speed as they recover.


Unlike the standard races, Biker Races have a limited roster of vehicles, limited to three categories of bikes, trucks, vans and a small selection of muscle cars. Also, there is no GTA race option, meaning the player cannot use any weapons other than their baseball bat.

The player, as usual, cannot get off their bike unless they crash, in which case they can respawn back on their vehicle by holding down Y.

Type of Vehicles (Not all vehicles in their class are listed)


The Lost: Hexer, Hellfury, Zombie and Diablous

A.O.D: Angel, Wayfarer, Daemon


Bati (Custom), Hakuchou (Custom), Double T (Custom)


Comet, Sultan RS, Coquette, Turismo


Gang Burrito, Slamvan, Rancher, Towtruck, Laundromat


Prison Bus,Bus, Flatbed

Hints & Tactics

  • Once is enough: The main use of the bat isn't eliminating the competition, but knocking them off course. Make use of this in tight spaces or areas with dense traffic to sling your opponent into an obstacle. Even if they don't get thrown off their bike, it'll slow them down at the very least.
  • Headhunting: Taking out weak racers is a great way to get ahead. If you see someone take a hit and can't pass them straight away, trail them and batter them into submission. On the same track, if you see a racer come off their bike in the road, don't feel shy about running them over - it can be an easy, fast way of racking up some cash.
  • Shock tactics: Charging up a strong attack takes time, but is also very obvious to anyone coming up behind you. If you see someone trying to take a swing at you, deliver a sudden light attack to knock them away.