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Driving While High

These are the following Race Tracks on GTA IV's Race Mode in Multiplayer.

  • Driving While High (in southwest Alderney)
  • 15 Checkpoints
  • Most Difficult Section: Checkpoints 10-12
  • Ideal Fast Supercar Lap: 1m 35s or less

Cautiously work your way through the first corner and avoid going onto the sidewalk on the left, as sometimes the curb may catch your tires and spin or stop you.Gas your way up the small hill to the next corner. If there are a bunch of racers ahead of you, you might take the option of cutting across the very narrow parking lot at the fire station. You can still collect CP2 going through there.Follow the somewhat crooked straightaway though CP3 and to CP4 then up the hill towards the tricky 5th CP.CP5 is on an off-camber, high-speed, sharp left turn, so be careful and take a bit of a wider entrance into the turn to avoid sliding out to the mailboxes and buildings on the right.Blast up the hill to a small jump and hit the brakes approaching CP6 to make the 90-degree lefty. Sometimes bouncing off the building if you don't brake in time may save you.Head to CP7, another 90-degree corner, to the right this time. CP8 will be right ahead.SHORTCUT: Instead of taking the left turn where CP8 is and going up the hill, turn down the road just before, onto the other ramp that takes you to the highway, then cut across between the medians back to the proper side. You will come out a good 2 or 3 seconds ahead of where you would have been if you followed the yellow route.CP9 is on the highway, where you will be wide open heading to the off-ramp, where CP10 is located on a small bump that will put you in the air a little bit.This area is very tricky because the next left hand corner is over 180 degrees, the turn gets tighter as you go, the wall is just a small barricade that you can easily go over, and the corner is negatively banked. Should you go over the wall, you may have to respawn.At the foot of the off-ramp is CP12 on the right. Follow the road to the right-hander that CP13 sits in. Don't swing out too wide because there is an unmovable pole on the edge of the sidewalk.SHORTCUT: The final corner, where CP14 is, there is a easily breakable wooden fence you can plow right though. Be cautious of the fence after it has fallen because you can bounce off the debris and get some very good unwanted air!Nail the throttle across the 15th CP where you started from to complete a lap at Driving While High!

Exhaust Fumes (in Alderny)17 CheckpointsMost Difficult Section: Checkpoints 11-S/FIdeal Fast Supercar Lap: 2m 15s or lessThis is probably one of the easiest tracks to race at because of the fact it's an open highway!Cruise up the hill at the start and haul the mail to CP1 where you will make a long left turn. Snake your way to CP2, where you may have to squeeze off the gas to get through the right-hander without crashing into the wall on the left. From here, it is full throttle again through CP3 to CP6, which sits at the top of a big incline.After you make the small right turn, be careful the the next pair of left turns. Stay close to the wall on the left as you make the turn because if you are too far to the right, you may hit the construction cones that may (or may not) spawn in time. You can still hit cones even if they aren't actually "there" yet. Those cones will almost definately cause you to just go straight into the wall or even through the break in the wall.Pass through CP7 and you get to do this again with another left turn with cones and a hole in the wall on the right.Full throttle through CP8 and CP9 to a tight right hand corner that you can easily misjudge and smack the wall on the left, so you may want to back off a little bit to get through there cleanly.Pass through CP10 that is beyond the left corner ahead and fly downhill to CP11, where you leave the highway. Here, you have to hit the brakes hard to make the tight right and avoid any trees and poles that will be in the way.CP12 will greet you before you go downhill to CP13, where a tricky left awaits you. There is no full throttle through this corner, so back off and apply brakes to get through without crashing.Shoot up the hill to CP14 where you will get some air, but be careful of how much air you get because as soon as you leave the ground, the road turns left again and you may fly into the building ahead of you!Up another small hill, CP15 awaits you and here you set yourself up for the final corner at the bottom of a small hill that CP16 is on. Brake before you get to the intersection or you will blow right on by the corner.The final checkpoint is right there after you turn, at the entrance to the highway where you started.SHORTCUT: It is risky, so only do this on the last lap if you are right behind someone. It is a bonzai move to crash through the fence, but if you do it right, you can clip CP16 and slide ahead (or into) your opponent and beat them to the finish!

Thunder Road (in southern Alderny)14 CheckpointsMost Difficult Section: The Whole Course!Ideal Fast Supercar Lap: 1m 10s or lessWhy is the whole track so difficult? Turns, bumps and jumps litter this very short course, so one mistake can completely screw you up. This track is about crashing the least!CPS/F is right under the old bridge that leads to the Industrial section of Alderny. Head to CP1 along the very bumpy road. CP2 is in the middle of a quick lefty that has a bump in the middle, sending many driver flying into the immoble poles on the right. If you get through clean, you can stay in the gas and blast through the right-hander CP3 sits at and the left turn CP4 is located.Just as you hit the dip on the left before CP5, slam the brakes to make the hard left turn where more unbreakable poles and a concrete pillar stand in your way.Haul up the straightaway and the hill that CP6 sits at the base of. CP7 is at the top of a hill where you need to be turning left or else you will crash off to the right.Head downhill to CP8 and hit the brakes at the crosswalks to make the left turn without flying into the poles and small pillars on the right.CP9 directs you into a narrow alley off the main roads where you start with a small uphill climb towards CP10.Make that tight corner, avoiding all the light stands and debris and step on the brakes before you crash through the security gate and CP11. If you don't, you will land in the parking lot across the srteet and miss the left-handed corner you should have made instead!Turn right where CP12 is and head towards CP13.SHORTCUT: It may sound too easy, but do you know how many people miss this? Cut across the grassy median instead of following the road right through CP13 and you can make a ton of time! Just be sure you don't cut the corner too much, you may not collect the checkpoint.Drag race towards the final checkpoint to finish a lap around the bumpy Thunder Road!