Race Tracks

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These are the following Race Tracks GTA IV's Race Mode in Multiplayer.

Driving While High (in southwest Alderney) - 15 Checkpoints

Driving While High

Exhaust Fumes (in Alderney) - 17 Checkpoints

Thunder Road (in southern Alderney) - 14 Checkpoints

Industrial Action (in southern Alderney) - 23 Checkpoints

Short Circuit (in central Alderney) - 14 Checkpoints

Don't Look Down (in central Alderney) - 16 Checkpoints

Don't Look Down

Duck And Weave (in northern Alderney) - 19 Checkpoints

Drag Kings (in west Algonquin) - 20 Checkpoints

Rize In The East (in northern Algonquin) - 18 Checkpoints

Rize In The East

Horse Punch (in central Algonquin) - 11 Checkpoints

Stars In Your Eyes (in central Algonquin) - 9 Checkpoints (least of all tracks)

Stars In Your Eyes

Road To Bohan (in west Bohan, Charge Island and northeast Algonquin) - 20 Checkpoints

Round The Block (in central Algonquin, Charge Island and west Dukes) - 17 Checkpoints

Southern Switch (in south Broker and south Algonquin) - 27 Checkpoints (most of all tracks)

Bogan's Run (in west Bohan) - 15 Checkpoints

Bawhan Dash (in Bohan) - 21 Checkpoints

Heel-And-Toe (in west Dukes and northern Broker) - 16 Checkpoints

Quick Knives (in northern Dukes) - 16 Checkpoints

Terminal Velocity (in central Dukes) - 18 Checkpoints

Taxiing (in east Dukes) - 19 Checkpoints TaxiingModifyDeleteMove