Races in GTA IV

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A Race is a competetive multiplayer game in GTA IV. The race is customizable to suit the player in control's wants.


Italics means that the player can choose regardless if they are the one in control or not

  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle
  • Vehicle Color
  • Race Track
  • Number of Laps
  • Vehicle Damage
  • Time of Day
  • Weather
  • Traffic (density)
  • Pedestrians (density)

Vehicle Class

The vehicles of the game are split into different classes. These are listed below with the fastest car of the class in bold and slowest in italic next to it;

Supercars: Comet, Infernus, Turismo, Super GT

Sports: Coquette, Banshee, Sultan RS, Feltzer

Muscle: Sabre GT, Stallion, Vigero, Dukes

2 Door: Blista Compact, Ruiner, Fortune, Futo

4 Door: DF8-90†, Presidente, Sultan, Feroci

Executive: Cognoscenti, PMP 600, Oracle, Intruder

Modern: Sentinel, Premier, Lokus, Hakumai

Vintage: Peyote, Voodoo, Manana, Virgo

Police: Police Cruiser†, FIB Buffalo, NOOSE Patriot, Police Patrol

People Carrier: Cabby, Rebla, Perennial, Habanero

SUV: Huntley Sport, Landstalker, Cavalcade, Patriot

Pickup: Contender, Rancher, Cavalcade FXT, Bobcat

Service: Ambulance, Mr. Tasty, Police Stockade, Enforcer

Trucks: Firetruck, Phantom, Flatbed, Biff

Motorcycles: NRG 900, PCJ 600, Sanchez, Zombie Faggio

Vans: Burrito, Speedo, Moonbeam, Pony

In a race, the player may not exit his/her vehicle and can respawn to the last checkpoint by holding down Triangle or Y

GTA Race

A GTA Race is essentially the same as a race, but the competitors may use weapons to kill or slow down competition, and also exit and enter other vehicles. There is another customizable feature for a GTA Race, determining which weapons will spawn on the track.