Races in GTA Liberty City Stories

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Street Races are a set of side missions in GTA Liberty City Stories. There are two types of races. There is a car race, and there is a motorbike race. Car races are unlocked after completing Grease Sucho, Driving Mr. Leone, and Love on the Rocks. Motorbike races are unlocked after all of the missions above except for Grease Sucho. To first unlock them you have to complete the mission Booby Prize. There are also RC Races. All of these are required for 100%.

Here's a list of all the street races:

Portland: Red Light Racing (bike race) Low Rider Rumble (car race) Thrashin' RC (RC race)

Staunton Island: Torrington TT (bike race) Deimos Dash (car race) Ragin' RC (RC race)

Shoreside Vale: Gangsta GP (bike race) Wi-Cheetah Run (car race) Chasin' RC (RC race)

Note: unlike races in previous games, killing any opposition will make you immediately fail the mission.