Radio Stations in GTA Vice City

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Various radio stations can be received on radios in most vehicles in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The multi-CD soundtrack to the game was an instant best-seller.

Non-Music Stations

KCHAT is an interview and chat station VCPR (Vice City Public Radio) is a humerous political radio debate

Music Stations

Wilstyle - Pirate rap station V-Rock - Rock station hosted by DJ Lazlow Wave 103 - Popular music Flash FM - Period pop music Fever 105 - Disco, soul and R&B. Emotion 98.3 - Power ballads Radio Espantoso - Spanish-language station with Hispanic and Carribean music

In addition to music and interviews, the stations also include fake commercials such as the Degenatron, a fictional video game console (Save the green dots with your fantastic flying red square!) that's likely a parody of the Atari 2600. The commercials and the game setting are consistent: Degenatron advertisements appear on billboards, and ads air for stores in which the player can actually shop, such as Ammu-Nation.