Ragdoll Physics

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Ragdoll Physics is an act of moving that may happen to Niko Bellic and every character in Grand Theft Auto IV. When any of the circumstances listed below happen Niko or the charecter being effected will go limp like 'a ragdoll'.

     In many circumstances:
  • When jumping out of a moving vehicle
  • When getting hit by a vehicle
  • When burning
  • When drunk
  • When jumping from very high altitudes
  • When dying
  • Only with the other characters, when pushing them
  • Only with the other characters, when hitting or shooting them, etc.
  • When on top of a moving train or car, Niko will turn 'Ragdoll' and fall off.

There are some modifications that allows to Niko to enable or disable Ragdoll Physics at any time. With that mod, Niko can fall in the stairs, to get stuck with a moving car, etc.