Ran Fa Li

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Ran Fa Li, otherwise known as Farlie, is the leader of the Red Gecko Tong Triads in San Fierro. It's Woozie's job to do well in front of Farlie, because Farlie outranks him. He is speechless throughout the game, preferring to simply grunt, meaning he has a translator with him at all time who seems to understand these grunts. CJ does a few jobs for Wu Zi Mu on behalf of Ran Fa Li, one of which includes driving a vehicle out into the San Fierro countryside as a decoy, to lure the Da Nang Boys away from Wu Zi Mu's betting shop, where Ran Fa Li is hiding from them, which in turn earns him the trust of Ran Fa Li. Ran Fa Li is also the third stakeholder in the Four Dragon's Casino (along with Wu Zi Mu and Carl Johnson).

Ran Fa Li was voiced by Hunter Platin.