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The Rancher is an SUV that resembles a 1980-1989 Chevrolet K5 Blazer. It is available in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vice City Stories and San Andreas.


• Found most commonly in the countryside • Import/Export Ship, Easter Basin Docks, San Fierro for $40,000 (after exporting it on the second Import/Export list) • Blueberry Acres, Countryside (parked beside one of the garages to the South West of the farm) • Bone Country, Desert (parked near some small buildings North West from the Quarry and East from Cluckin' Bell) • Bone Country, Desert (parked in between some trailers just North of Ammu-Nation)


The Rancher can be modded at the Transfenders MOD Garage with... • Paint (Two Colours) • Hoods • Exhausts • Spoilers • Lights • Nitrous (All) • Roofs • Wheels • Stereo (Bass Boost) • Hydraulics


Other versions include an FBI Rancher (San Andreas), a Police Ranger (San Andreas) and a Gang Rancher used by the Sharks (Vice City Stories).


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