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The following article is a walkthrough of the mission Recruitment Drive in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for film director Steve Scott.

Before the Mission

Meeting up with Candy and her agent.
Chasing after Candy's Agent.
The agent's car blowing up.
Driving to meet Mercedes.
Recruiting Mercedes for the upcoming movies.
Dropping off Candy Suxxx and Mercedes Cortez at the InterGlobal Films studios.

Obtain a Stubby Shotgun with at least 12 shots, and a submachine gun with sufficient ammunition.


Meet up with Steve. As Steve is filming, you enters the scene and you are surprised at the props that were going to be in the film. You want talent in the film, so you will be going to Downtown to find some movie talent.

After the cutscene finishes, you will be given the following instructions:

Candy Suxxx would be perfect for a starring role! Candy will be taking care of business Downtown.

Get yourself a vehicle and drive to Downtown. Candy will be getting off at Roxor International, opposite the Downtown Dirt Track. Walk into the pink halo to trigger the cutscene. In the next cutscene, you will be shown Candy pulling up in her gold Stretch, and you and Candy will have a conversation. However, Candy's Manager pulls up and refuses to allow Candy to star in a film. He then sends three of his goons after you.

After the completion of the mission cutscene, you will be given the following instruction:

Go and take out Candy's Pimp, and then come back and pick up Candy.

Kill the goons with the stubby shotgun, get into a vehicle and drive after Candy's Agent. Perform a drive by on him until the car explodes. Once he is dead, you will be given this instruction:

Go back and collect Candy.

Return to pick up Candy. You will then be given further instructions:

Take Candy with you to meet up with Mercedes.

Mercedes will be ordering some pizza at the Downtown pizza store. Drive up to the pizza store and enter it. Walk in to trigger the penultimate cutscene. After the cutscene finishes, you will be given your final instructions:

Take the girls back to the studio to meet with Steve.

Get yourself a vehicle and drive yourself and the girls back to Interglobal Films to meet up with Steve. A Sentinel will spawn accross the road, and a FBI Washington can be found parked behind Rock City. Take one of the vehicles, if you need one. Drive back to Interglobal Films. Park inside the pink halo to complete the mission.

Video walkthrough

PC Version - GTASeriesVideos
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