Red Light District

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The Red Light District, also known as Red Light in Grand Theft Auto Advance, is a district of Portland Island in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. As of 2001, the Leone Family has strong control over this region. There are many strip clubs, adult stores, pimps, and prostitutes. Luigi's Sex Club 7 is the perfect place for trance music, according to LIPS 106. The district is busy during all 24 hours of the day, although the player sees the pimps and hookers more at night. Pimps in this neighborhood can be easily spotted by their purple jackets and hats. Shooting them has no effect on whether the prostitutes are emancipated from Luigi Goterelli's control or not. Prostitutes can be used to increase health in exchange for cash, or can be shot down if the player desired to play vigilante against the prostitution industry.

During the events of GTA 3, Claude and 8-Ball escaped to a small apartment in Red Light District after the attacks on Callahan Bridge, and it becomes Claude's house until he moves to Staunton Island.