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File:Reefer 1.jpg
Reefer on the waters of Vice City

The Reefer is a boat that has been featured in every game in the series since Grand Theft Auto III. It is a slow yet durable fishing boat that can be obtained by a dock or on the water. It's name is a reference to the marijuana plant.

It is based upon a common shipping and fishing vessel. In GTA IV it has a plank at the front which is exactly the same as the one found on the Orca in the movie Jaws. Also, unlike the previous renditions of the Reefer, you can climb upon the roof of the cabin and survey your surroundings. The Reefer is not recommended for online play due to its slow speed which makes it an easy target for enemy machine guns or rocket launchers. In addition to being slow it can hold only one passenger despite its large size. It is also a very poor choice of vehicle in a police chase because it will be quickly destroyed by police boats and lacks the speed or maneuverability to evade them.



GTA Vice City

  • Docked at the marina near Cortez’s yacht in Ocean Beach.

GTA Vice City Stories

GTA San Andreas