Reno 17TL

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A Reno 17TL in GTA London 1969.

The Reno 17TL is a car featured in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969.


The car is depicted with a two-door coupé body style, and its name implies the car is based on the Renault 17 TL, which makes the car's appearance of the game's 1969 setting anachronistic as the Renault 17 TL, or even the baseline Renault 17, was only launched in 1971.

The cars may further come with several different cosmetic styles, appearing with a soft top, a two-tone "racing" strip, or both.

Alternate cosmetic styles of the Reno 17TL.

In terms of performance, the Reno 17TL performance is generally good, although closer inspection reveals more mixed traits. The car's top speed is second only to the Copper, and the same as those of the Ferocious GTO and Raver, but features below average acceleration and brakes, while its grip and handling are average. The base export value of the car, when delivered in perfect condition, is £400.


  • The "Reno" name may be a reference to a common British pronunciation of the "Renault" brand, which tends to forgo the name's "lt" at the end.